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The End – We must fight

Roe overturned. Reproductive freedom gone for so many Americans. We knew this day was coming since the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett in October 2020, but still conceptualizing a post-Roe Florida and United States was always difficult. Never before has this nation taken away a long established right. For all the previous inconsistencies and discrimination […]

Editorial: Remember in November that Florida GOPers mean what they say

For years, a debate has circulated among opinion leaders in this state. Do elected GOPers really intend to end access to reproductive rights in this state? Are they really homophobic? Do they really have an issue with talking about this nation’s past racism? The assumption had often been that the GOP uses these provocative hot-button […]

Trump’s political war aligns with white nationalism

Two days before the deadly riots in Charlottesville an insane, paranoid White House National Security memo emerged that helps explain Trump’s flaccid response to the armed insurrection of white nationalists at University of Virginia. If you’re wondering how the President of the United States could say there are “fine people” within the ranks of the Nazi brotherhood, […]