The End – We must fight

Roe overturned. Reproductive freedom gone for so many Americans.

We knew this day was coming since the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett in October 2020, but still conceptualizing a post-Roe Florida and United States was always difficult. Never before has this nation taken away a long established right. For all the previous inconsistencies and discrimination in US History once a fundamental right is established, it stays, with the one very dubious and shameful exception of the post-Reconstruction south.

Does this SCOUTS want to remembered in same light as the likes of Pitchfork Ben Tillman (who was behind a violent coup to end “negro” rule in South Carolina) and others of that era? Does this court want to be remembered as the one that ushered a grand era of American decline?

As someone fond of history, I am keenly aware of how empires and societies backslide. Heck, right now I am doing a video series on India which among other themes discusses how the Indian subcontinent went from comprising 25% of the global GDP in 1700 (more than the US currently) to like 4% by 1900. Declines happen, often because of anarchy, a loss of rights and the decline of economic activity.

ALL of this describes the United States right now.

If you subscribe to the notion that the United States has some divine right to always be on top, always be the greatest, always be the most tolerant and liberal society, you’ve ignored every piece of evidence since the stolen 2000 Presidential Election.

The end has come for this country as a shining city on the hill – today’s overturning of Roe just confirmed it.

So now we try to rebuild. But with insurmountable anti-democratic odds stacked against us, it’s going to be very difficult to do what we need to do. But we must try.

We must fight.

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