Editorial: Remember in November that Florida GOPers mean what they say

For years, a debate has circulated among opinion leaders in this state.

Do elected GOPers really intend to end access to reproductive rights in this state? Are they really homophobic? Do they really have an issue with talking about this nation’s past racism?

The assumption had often been that the GOP uses these provocative hot-button social issues for performative electoral purposes.

For over two decades, Florida GOPers have thrown red-meat to supporters to gain electoral advantage while using their power in the state to reward donors . This includes deregulating industry, throwing massive tax breaks (that by the way, do not create jobs) at businesses and utilities, pushing school “choice,” to break up the state’s most effective union that backs Democrats, and pushing all sorts of litigation to make it impossible for personal injury attorney’s (who tend to be Democrats) to make a living in this state.

You see, everything we listed above is in the economic interest of the donor class of the GOP.

But now the GOP has clearly demonstrated with their actions this legislative session, no piece of regressive social legislation is ever off-the-table for them. They will do the most outrageously provocative things because they have no fear of electoral consequences.

The next time a GOP candidate in Florida says they will do such and such, no matter how insane it sounds, believe them.

It’s now incumbent on Floridians who object to this sort of down-your-throats, one-party authoritarian rule, to organize electorally and active the grassroots throughout the state to fight these repressive forces at the ballot box this November.

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  1. In his book, Laboratories of Autocracy, David Pepper explains that GOP state legislatures have zero accountability because there are very few competitive elections. They don’t care about outcomes because the system is rigged in their favor.


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