Senator Garcia’s craziness defines a GOP that’s horribly insensitive

Several weeks ago, we wrote about the inflammatory rhetoric of Senator Illeana Garcia (R-Miami) who had gained her seat in the State Senate in the biggest case of election fraud during the 2020 cycle anywhere in the country. As noted last month, Garcia’s previous claim to fame was that she founded “Latina’s for Trump.”

Today on the Senate floor, Senator Garcia gave the following quotes in a rambling speech supporting HB 1557 aka “The Don’t Say Gay.” bill. This came 48 hours after the infamous comments of Governor DeSantis spokesperson, Christina Pushaw on the same legislation.

“I want to start off by delineating exactly what LGBT is. And by the way, gay is not a permanent thing. LGBT is not a permanent thing, and its not a bad thing.”

“You know, I’ll give you another example that, once again is is also very personal. So. My son’s uncle on his father’s side. Trans. Began his process of of transformation while he was in the Army. Came out of the Army. My son was a small child. And I remember on several occasions and I’m a single mom, and occasionally when my son would go visit with his father, my son would come home and I’ll never forget. One day he walked out of my room in my high heels and he was wearing one of my dresses. And my mother and my grandmother opened up their eyes and I was like–And I was like mijo, my son, what are you doing? And he goes, ‘Oh my uncle, he does this tacka tacka tacka.’ He goes, ‘I just can’t get used to the high heels.’ And I looked at him and I laughed and he goes, ‘So why does my uncle do that?’ And I was like, ‘He likes to make believe.’ You know, I didn’t feel at that time that that was the conversation that I needed to have with him, because that’s part of their–that’s part of their growing up. That’s part of that innocence. “

“Anyway, long story short, as as my son’s trans uncle started transitioning out, he went through the whole process the hormones, the implants. Up until the point where he had to completely, he was going to completely go through the process and become a woman, and it stopped there. Now, a lot of people don’t know that. I think the statistics are that four out of seven people who do the full transition end up committing suicide because it’s tough. It’s tough on the it’s tough on the body and it’s and it’s a tough process. But you know, the process is never really external. Every single process in life is internal. Now we constantly go out looking for external validation, and the only validation that you need is the one that you have inside. And that’s a process. It’s a lifetime. Believe me, it’s a lifetime.” 

In fact the whole speech, about ten minutes long was filled with anecdotes and odd reasoning like what we see above. I hate taking shots at individual GOP legislators, (in fact, the record will show we’ve been avoided real hard shots at the likes of Kelli Stargel or Anthony Sabatini here, though we all know they’ve for years deserved a good hammering) but Senator Garcia’s method of victory in 2020, and her subsequent buffoonish behavior as a Senator has led us to really scrutinize her, because every time she opens her mouth on something polarizing, craziness spews.

But the larger point is that Florida’s GOP continues to sanction and encourage these sorts of marginal views, which offend general sensibilities, to be aired publicly in a legislative chamber.

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