What companies are still doing business in Russia? What else can be boycotted to make a point?

Per the Yale School of Management here is the list as of today

Note most major US companies have stopped doing business in Russia, at least for now.

If you use the Yandex web browser to view TFS or anything else, stop its use immediately.

In addition, I’d urge as much as possible, an avoidance of products manufactured in India or China by western companies. A boycott of all Indian or Chinese companies until those governments don’t pivot with regards to supporting Russia, will need to be considered in the near future, if diplomatic engagement with those two nation’s fails.

I would urge a tourist boycott of India for the foreseeable future.

Emirates Airline which serves Miami and Orlando, continues to fly into Russia and use Russian airspace. If traveling abroad, avoiding Emirates would in my opinion be very prudent. UAE’s state carrier, Etihad, which does not serve Florida, should also be avoided.

Turkish Airlines which serves Miami has increased flight to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine, but given the positive role the Turkish Government has played so far in the crisis, Turkish does not need to be avoided.

Air India does not serve Florida, but each of their daily flights to the US and Canada (eight in total) have used Russian airspace this week, so that airline should also be avoided.

As noted on social media, we’re looking for any leads into ties between elected officials in Florida and Russia. Please feel free to send us a DM on Twitter @FlaSqueeze for any tips, which will remain anonymous.

Thank you!

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  1. I’m no fan of Erdoğan because he’s no fan of freedom or liberty. However, in this case I have to agree. Their dones have done some damage to the Russian war machine. According to an article, “The Bayraktar TB2 drone, with a wingspan of 12 meters (472 inches) and equipped to carry four laser-guided bombs, has disabled multiple launch rocket systems as well as taken out columns of armored tanks and personnel transporters from the air, seemingly with impunity. https://fortune.com/2022/03/04/bayraktar-tb2-drone-ukraine-russia-war/


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