Sorry Charlie YouTube – FL Democrats and Jeb Bush

A common theme of the last two weeks highlighted in this “Sorry Charlie” video.


  1. Dems in Action · ·

    Every Democrat should see this. Need we say more?


  2. Yeah sure, then you vote for Rick Scott because the D party has NO OTHER candidate that can win. PERIOD. What do you want the guy to say? He needs to get R votes too. Isn’t time the D voters get their heads out of the sand and work to win a few?


    1. The problem Senator is that Jeb Bush elicits all sorts of angry reactions from Democrats. In some regards its like a politician running for the GOP nomination saying they admire Hugo Chavez.

      Case in point. I was at a focus group that was done in 2006 in the Oelrich-Jennings race. Without getting too specific we had a VERY conservative Democrat inclined to vote for Oelrich because he liked him as Sheriff. This was until he was handed a mail piece with Bush’s endorsement of Oelrich. His reaction was to say “I am voting for the other guy.”

      Crist could have danced around the Jeb issue saying “I worked well with him” or something of that sort but his comments sound like an endorsement, further questioning his loyalty to the principles of his new party.

      I know you support Gov. Crist but I think you are fundamentally different than him. You are a moderate by nature that led the fight on many issues in both the House and Senate against the GOP leadership out of true conviction. We admire you for that.

      On the other hand I am not sure Crist has those some moderate instincts and convictions. He’s all over the place. This having been said he is FAR preferable to Rick Scott. No question or doubt there.


  3. Nancy we don’t need no stinkin republicans to win with true Democrat Nan Rich. If it takes republicans for a Democrat to win, something is really rotten in Florida.


  4. I have a serious lack of trust in Crist. I don’t know how to get over it. His words are meaningless because he has no core beliefs. Even if he now said Jeb was bad, why would we believe him? He will say anything, anytime to anybody.


    1. Patti Lynn · ·

      Do your best to spread the word about NAN RICH for Governor. SHE espouses ALL of the principles, programs, and progressive attitudes that the DEMOCRATS all say that they support!


  5. Florida Democrats · ·

    Do you want to win? If you do back Crist. If you like Rick Scott, keep posting crap like this.

    All Nan Rich is doing is helping Scott. I would not be surprised if she is being propped up by the Republicans.

    Kartik, Joe Kreps, Susan Smith and others are so insistent on Crist being compromised you wonder if it is not a defense mechanism because their own candidate is a Republican plant.

    If you are really a progressive you should back Charlie Crist. If you care about the causes you claim to be concerned about back the only person who can make a change in this state.

    I presume though if Bill Nelson runs we all join the same team? Or not?


    1. Time for the Good old boys to take a seat. These regressives have been selling us out to the highest bidder for far too long. Nan Rich is a true progressive who will turn Florida blue and that scares the shit out of the republicants.


  6. floridian · ·

    I will happily vote for Crist despite his background. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little.


  7. Maggie Davidson · ·

    Hi, Kartik,

    Who did this “Sorry Charlie” video?



    1. I am not sure. They are clever though!


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