National Historical Register by Florida County – Where does your county rank?


The above map (from Wikipedia commons) shows the distribution of officially designated National Historical sites by Florida county. Not surprisingly, Miami-Dade which has been home to Florida’s most metropolitan city for a hundred years has by far the most with 172. However, somewhat surprisingly Volusia County has the second most designated sites with 101 and Sarasota is third with 91. Other counties with over 60 designated National Historical sites are Duval, Hillsborough, Polk, Leon, Pinellas and Palm Beach.

Looking for the large county with the LEAST history in Florida? If you use a proportional scale it would be Broward with over 1.8 million residents and 1,200 square miles yet only 31 national historical sites. To put this in perspective, the city of Miami (less than 1/5th of Miami-Dade County’s population) has more than TWICE as many national historical sites than all of neighboring Broward County. In fact the City of Miami has more national historical sites than all but five counties.

The counties with the most per capita historical sites? Probably St Johns and Monroe for obvious reasons- St Augustine and Key West respectively. The only country without a national historical site? Lafayette (though the map indicates Gilchrist as well, the Cannon Farm just outside of Bell was just designated as a historical site late in 2013.).


  1. Wait? I thought that the center of the universe regarding Florida’s history was in north Florida?! THIS MAP IS A LIBERAL CONSPIRACY!!!


    1. I am surprised Escambia doesn’t have more considering the history of Pensacola.


  2. As a color blind person, it’s always interesting reading maps that use only red and green colors. Like trying to visuallize one of those posters where you have to defocus your eyes to see the picture …. except that the picture never comes into focus


  3. Awesome find!


  4. Alachua and Leon have more than Orange or Broward! Late developing sprawling counties have less history.


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