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Monday Musings – Jeb Bush, Charles Van Zant, Our new look, FDP bench building, The Kartik Report

While Jeb Bush claims to be still mulling his Presidential decision all indications are he will seek to regain the White House for the Bush family in 2016. The former Governor’s decision to release over 250,000 emails from his time for Governor and the forthcoming release of his ebook seem to indicate he is well […]

Tuesday Poll: Special Elections

Last week qualifying closed for multiple legislative Special Elections. The Democrats have placed only token opposition in some of the races while no opposition in others. It must be openly stated however for those wanting to beat up on the party that all four seats (3 House and 1 Senate) where Special Elections will take […]

Monday Musings: The New Republic in crisis, LEAD task force, Legislative Special Elections, New DOC chief raises question marks,

Washington was rocked this past week by news that The New Republic, long considered one of the bibles of the left (though at times TNR has drifted to the right but that is a conversation for another day) decided to opted to change directions. This was followed by the resignations of several notable editors and […]

HD-24 race provides a test and opportunity for House Democrats

The special election in House District 24 that has been created by a chain reaction related to John Thrasher’s selection as President of Florida State University should provide an opportunity to show how House Democrats can get their ship in order after a rough campaign cycle. We’ve defended the House Democratic campaign efforts on this […]

Monday Musings: Why Democrats need competitive primaries, UKIP emerging as a force, Jeb Bush and Republican nominating history, How the RPOF spends money differently than the FDP

While we are all are wondering who is going to run for Senate in 2016 and 2018, there is one thing that Democrats need to remember: we need a competitive primary process in order to build up field. While it will no doubt be expensive for each campaign (both in ’16 and ’18), the one […]

Time to discuss some basic candidate recruitment ideas for Democrats

The poor candidate recruitment of the Florida Democratic Party has been a constant talking point on this site since we launched. The discussion around candidate recruitment has only intensified in the few short weeks since the November 4th election disaster for Democrats. FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant has been very forthright in stating that the party […]

House Democrats and the 2016 campaign – Expanding the map a must for success

Florida’s Democrats have been through two plus weeks of introspection following the Election Night defeats. I personally came out strongly in favor of Allison Tant keeping her job as FDP Chairwoman and Rep. Mark Pafford becoming House Democratic Leader. Now that Pafford has to been confirmed as leader, a move we wholeheartedly support it is […]

The Florida House and Failed Democratic Campaign Leadership

While the Crist defeat was perhaps the most painful for Democrats to bear around the state, the return of the super-majority of Republican control in the House will have far more consequences. While the Crist victory was at least close enough to not be an embarrassment, the defeat of six house incumbents was a shock […]

Poll: Should Dwayne Taylor drop out of the House Leader race?

Should Rep. Dwayne Taylor (D-Daytona Beach) abandon his quest to wrestle Democratic leadership from Rep. Mark Pafford (D- West Palm Beach) before tonight’s caucus meeting?

Rep. Taylor’s leadership bid failing thanks to strong progressive voices

Dwayne Taylor’s bid to become Democratic House Leader is on life support. The progressive community throughout the state has rallied against the faction associated with former House Democratic Leader–designate Darryl Rouson’s coup attempt. This effort to tear apart the Democratic caucus has been actively backed by Republican legislators, corporate and insurance lobbyists as well as […]