Florida Democratic Party record big victory in HD-13

Reggie_FullwoodRep. Reggie Fullwood was able to beat back a primary challenge tonight from Johnny Gaffney by an almost 2-1 margin. School “choice” advocates and other anti-progressive interests had poured resources into the Jacksonville-based district in a cynical attempt to defeat Fullwood.

The Florida Democratic Party has invested time and effort into defending Fullwood against this primary challenge. Fullwood, a strong backer of House Democratic Leader Rep. Mark Pafford received financing and ground help from the Florida Democratic Party.

Tonight’s victory is a major triumph for both FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant and House Democratic Leader Mark Pafford. Both has made keeping Fullwood in the House a priority and coming little more than a month after a difficult General Election night, tonight’s victory is a big boost for Florida Democrats.

Fullwood will face Republican¬†Lawrence “Jeff” Jefferson in a February Special Election which is a mere formality in this overwhelmingly Democratic district.


  1. sandy oestreich, Fmr elected official, etc · ·

    Though there’s plenty of fault to find (courage, mostly) with tFlorida’s Dem Party. I am very gratified to know that they invested the right kind of support for the right man for the job. I applaud Tant and Pafford, both strong progressive Dems with intellgence, determination, and hard work ! You two make me Proud! Thank you. And, a raise of the cup to Fullwood for success in the election. I wish we could clone you all as Leaders with a velvet fist.

    sandy oestreich, still forgin’ on to end sex discrimination, against male and female alike, via Florida’s simple act of ratifying the ERA. Still helping also to mentor the 7 other states to squeeze the Equal Rights Amendment out of just 3 MORE legislatures. We 300 000 are delighted to have these people Standing With Us.


  2. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Really??? The entire “FDP apparatus invested time and effort” to fight one Democrat against another Democrat? Really???

    What a joke?? How sad?

    What was the big FDP effort to find and finance a Democrat to run in HD 64 that closed today against the biggest Republican crook in the Florida House, Jamie Grant???



    Answer…NO ONE!!

    Because everyone at the FDP needs to go from Allison Tant to every stupid cronie staff member and loosing consultant below her.

    Oh and Debbie Wasserman Shultz needs to go as well!!

    The Republicans sure don’t put up with this loosing BS..that’s why they are wiping the floor with us Democrats cause we keep putting up with the loosing!!

    And Kartik, you are just as much to blame cause your (but kissing) post mortum on the election said nothing about cleaning out and starting over a la Karen Thurman..at least she had the sense to quit!


    1. I am not saying this is a good thing or bad thing in the bigger picture. I am simply stating that the party played hard in this race and won. We can certainly question the wisdom on this site of the party playing hard here and basically skipping the HD-24 and HD-64 specials. I have been given excuses by the FDP for why those races were skipped and I will have some thoughts on that in the near future.


  3. Tampa Bay Demo · ·

    What a waste of time and space.

    Pafford is hardly a leader I fear.


  4. Great to see the democrats are focused on taking out Republicans!


  5. Tactically this was very important.

    The forces within the house caucus the dissidents were actively working with the Republicans were trying to get Gaffney elected.

    It was important for our party to stand strong and defend a member who has fought on our principles for his entire career.


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