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#HB7003 and The Legislature’s Problem with Good Science

Even though most of the headlines this week came from the notorious ‘Bathroom bill’ and the fallout from the passage of blatant discrimination of the transgendered citizens of this state by the Republican members in the house, the passage of the water   #HB7003 was passed , with only 9 Democrats standing against the bill.  Even […]

House Democrats making massive strides

Coming off a difficult election where House Democrats were routed, losing six seats (four of which were carried at the top of the ticket by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist) several positive developments can be reported from the caucus as Legislative Session approaches. Much of the divisiveness that characterized the previous two years of caucus […]

Florida Democratic Party record big victory in HD-13

Rep. Reggie Fullwood was able to beat back a primary challenge tonight from Johnny Gaffney by an almost 2-1 margin. School “choice” advocates and other anti-progressive interests had poured resources into the Jacksonville-based district in a cynical attempt to defeat Fullwood. The Florida Democratic Party has invested time and effort into defending Fullwood against this […]

House Democrats and the 2016 campaign – Expanding the map a must for success

Florida’s Democrats have been through two plus weeks of introspection following the Election Night defeats. I personally came out strongly in favor of Allison Tant keeping her job as FDP Chairwoman and Rep. Mark Pafford becoming House Democratic Leader. Now that Pafford has to been confirmed as leader, a move we wholeheartedly support it is […]

The Florida House and Failed Democratic Campaign Leadership

While the Crist defeat was perhaps the most painful for Democrats to bear around the state, the return of the super-majority of Republican control in the House will have far more consequences. While the Crist victory was at least close enough to not be an embarrassment, the defeat of six house incumbents was a shock […]

Poll: Should Dwayne Taylor drop out of the House Leader race?

Should Rep. Dwayne Taylor (D-Daytona Beach) abandon his quest to wrestle Democratic leadership from Rep. Mark Pafford (D- West Palm Beach) before tonight’s caucus meeting?

Rep. Dwayne Taylor seeking secret ballot for House leadership vote – time to for progressives to stand up

Rep. Dwayne Taylor who is challenging House Democratic Leader-Designate Mark Pafford for the leadership of the Democratic Caucus the next two years has asked for a secret ballot in next week’s vote. Rep. Taylor filed an amendment yesterday to the caucus rules to dispense with the voice vote for leader and allow a secret ballot. […]

School voucher advocates stand to benefit from Taylor/Rouson faction run

Last session House Democrats demonstrated remarkable cohesion on school “choice” issues. Under the leadership of Minority Leader Perry Thurston and incoming leader Mark Pafford, the caucus coalesced behind a position opposing the unprecedented expansion of taxpayer money being siphoned to private schools. This came just a few short years after 24 House Democrats broke ranks […]

House Caucus dissidents creating unneeded ruckus and problems for our values

Over the last two days reports have been circulating that Rep. Dwayne Taylor (D-Daytona Beach) plans to challenge House Democratic Leader-Designate Mark Pafford (D-West Palm Beach) before or at the organizational session on November 18th. Taylor has been backed by a faction of dissidents, led by Rep. Darryl Rouson, who seem to have been more […]

Sources: Darryl Rouson playing ball with Republicans potentially threatening Crist’s veto sustaining ability

As Florida’s Democrats are fighting hard throughout the state to elect Charlie Crist as Governor and keep the party’s numbers in the House above 1/3 of the body in order to prevent a veto-proof majority for the GOP, a dissident Democrat is quite possibly making alternative plans. Rep. Darryl Rouson, whose ouster as Democratic House […]