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While Jeb Bush claims to be still mulling his Presidential decision all indications are he will seek to regain the White House for the Bush family in 2016. The former Governor’s decision to release over 250,000 emails from his time for Governor and the forthcoming release of his ebook seem to indicate he is well on his way to running for President. But would a Bush restoration please Republican insiders? Likely not, and that is something Governor Bush will have to fight against. Still the fundamentals for 2016 are very good for a mainstream Republican to win the Presidency and should Bush find a path to the nomination, he would have an excellent chance of becoming the first Floridian ever to make it to the White House (Technically, Bush would be second registered Floridia voter as President. It is often forgotten that during Richard Nixon’s first term he changed his voter registration to his Key Biscayne condo in order to appear more “southern” to the electorate). – KK@kkfla737

Charles Van Zant made national headlines this year when he came out proclaiming that Common Core “made children gay” and firmly stood by those statements even after the media firestorm. A colorful lawmaker who firmly believes that god sent him to the legislature to end abortion, he is termed out in ’16 and the fight for his replacement is on. In a community that is strongly dominantly christian, the religious vote is key. Last week, Charlie Van Zant’s wife filed for the seat. It is unclear if god called her to end abortion, but this is an obvious attempt to keep the seat in the family. The district covers Palatka, which just had some good progressive wins in November on the school board and county commission. While the seat has a fairly high level of registered Democrats, the Obama and Sink/Crist performance was low. While it does not look like the FDP is organized enough to take advantage of this in the 2016 cycle, this is the sort of opportunity that the Democratic party is going to look toward if they are going to ever break 50 seats. –   KB@BurnettKaty 

You may have noticed we launched a new look on Sunday morning. While we’ve departed from the general TFS format that we have had launch, be assured our content will not change. We simply felt the time for cleaner look, easier navigation and more content accessibility had come. Please leave any feedback on the changes to the site in the comments. Thank you! – KK@kkfla737

Kartik Report Logo

The Kartik Report, soccer website has rebooted and while our hard relaunch with new features and a new look will come January 1st. We’ve brought in several experienced writers and have made multiple agreements for content with other outlets. Thus we have began adding content to the site though regular posting will not begin until the new year.

In the coming days we will have features on Orlando City preparations for MLS on the player side, and the sale of part of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers to Brazilian legend Ronaldo and how what should have been a can’t miss announcement seemed to been ignored by large elements of the US Soccer press. Yesterday, we ran a story on the positive off-season changes with the Tampa Bay Rowdies.   – KK@kkfla737

With many large counties and cities holding spring elections, Florida Democrats must turn around and work on bench building on the local level. Even though the party has declined to play in the special elections, it must aggressively support candidates, especially in the areas that are critical for state-wide candidates to win. Duval is exceptionally important, with a large majority of city council races up for election. Bench building begins in these small races and with March elections quickly approaching, now is the time to work the field and start rebuilding.  –   KB@BurnettKaty 


  1. Old guy sittin' on the green bench · ·

    For a political organization to build a bench, there must be a compelling reason to get in the game. What is the reason someone would want to join our team and get in the game wearing our uniform? I think that to get people to step up and join us we need a simple single message first and foremost. Our friends on the other side of the coin certainly have that advantage, a single simple message.


  2. Kartik, you are wrong. The FDP is playing in Special Elections. They made a $10,000 contribution to the Fullwood campaign.


  3. Bush is not running . He’s starting a new private equity firm. Why would he do this now if he were running???


  4. Yes we are playing in the Fullwood special where the republicans are trying to take a seat away. The other specials are unwinnable. We would’ve wasted money there.

    The party is going hard in the March municipal and the results might shock all the critics here.


    1. Truth Teller · ·

      So it is okay that the Republicans are spending money because of the Dem party and the candidate screwing up filing yet we could let Republicans just go in open seats?

      This is the mentality that got us under 40 seats. I love how Kartik who is for all intents and purposes a shill for the House leadership did not elaborate on the results of that poll last week. I think it shocked him that 80 plus percent of the readers think that the state party is really screwing up special elections at a time when any attempt to win a seat is badly needed.


  5. If you include lastest donations and in-kind the total is $28,324.


  6. Who cares about the readers of this site. Mostly just critics and people who hate the party. They want Democrats to fail so they can make an issue and increase their own power bases.

    The party staff is paid to make these decisions. They make it not on emotion like so many here but on reality and real circumstance. All these critics in another part of the state just don’t know any better. They were the ones who caused the party the election. All these critics create the problemss on this website and elsewhere. If we all work together maybe we would be in better shape as a party. This state party and must be respected and allowed to lead while those in the rest of the state who want to be power players just follow a plan.


  7. Broward Voter · ·

    The party needs to decentralize and move operations to south Florida where the money and voters are!


  8. The sooner the party moves out of Tallahassee, the better!


  9. You will never get good people to run while you have only corrupted officials to work with currently in place. Between Abruzzo and Clemens, the party needs to start arresting people instead of elected them.


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