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Poll: How Will Nan Rich Fare in the Democratic Primary?

Nan Rich has decided to continue her candidate for Governor despite what appear to outsiders to be incredibly long odds. Her persistence is admirable but in the minds of most futile. The poll question below asks what percentage of the Democratic Primary vote will Rich receive in her race against Governor Charlie Crist. Leave comments […]

2014 Primary Endorsements

This week TFS will reveal candidate endorsements selected by our Editorial Board for State Senate and State House races throughout Florida. We will be endorsing in both Democratic and Republican primaries throughout the state. While we do not have an endorsement form, our editors seek out information from interested parties throughout Florida and make a […]

Staff News From TFS

We have a couple of announcements to make. Earlier this month, Ryan Ray, our Deputy Editor and Tallahassee Correspondent took a leave from the website to serve as a staffer on the Gwen Graham Congressional campaign based in Marianna. The Graham-Southerland race is probably the hottest US House race in the southeast at least at […]

Nan Rich’s Math Problem

A discussion on the Annette Taddeo piece I wrote the other day quickly turned into a Nan Rich debate about her poll numbers. In the comments, there was a fairly heated discussion about Rich’s popularity numbers over time. As if on cue, Wednesday morning a new Quinnipiac poll was released, showing almost exactly what I predicted in […]

Wednesday Open Thread

You know the drill. Leave comments, questions, observations, etc here.

Ten Dollar Tuesday – B Grassell for House District 31

And yes, she is a Republican.   But you should still keep reading. House District 31 is completely up for grabs with Nelson term limited  – an open seat with 4 Republicans in the race, so there is an open primary where Republican and Democrats can vote.  All current polling indicates that the race is a toss up […]

Annette Taddeo, Charlie Crist, Nan Rich, and the Democratic Base

This week Charlie Crist announced Annette Taddeo as his pick for Lieutenant Governor and running mate. Now, it has been clear for a while that Taddeo was a logical choice for Crist. While everyone was aware of his desire to appoint Dan Gelber to the position, the changing demographics of voters has come to mean […]

Monday Musings: Carole Crist, Flying over a War Zone, Money in the Governor’s Race, Rick Scott Fundraising at GEO Group Chief Executive Home, How Safe are Florida’s Roads & Bridges?

Where is Carole Crist? Her husband is running for Govenor and she’s no where to be seen. Granted, the RPOF seems to be asking for her tax returns in a ridiculous call for transparency, but it still seems like she could come out and campaign more actively. Even though family members are supposed to be […]

Thoughts on This Week’s Internet Buzz About Crist “Scandals”

This past week three different reports most notably this one from the Sunshine State News have surfaced linking Governor Charlie Crist to Nigerian Oil Executive Onajite Okoloko.  This is reminiscent of the stories that surfaced in the 1998 Governor’s Campaign that linked Jeb Bush to Nigerian businesses. Like that story, this unlikely to make much of […]

Small Business view: Elected leaders should get in the act of helping businesses do better by being better

Editors Note: The Florida Squeeze encourages a vibrant debate on issues. We invite guest columns from people of all political persuasions and policy perspectives.  Guest Column By Ricardo McQueen Mr. McQueen is a member-leader in Florida Main Street Alliance.  I have more than a decade of experience running a small business that provides health and […]