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We have a couple of announcements to make. Earlier this month, Ryan Ray, our Deputy Editor and Tallahassee Correspondent took a leave from the website to serve as a staffer on the Gwen Graham Congressional campaign based in Marianna. The Graham-Southerland race is probably the hottest US House race in the southeast at least at this moment and we are very proud of Ryan for all his work on this race. Neither candidate has a primary and this will be a November election. Ryan will return to TFS after the November election.

Kartik Krishnaiyer, our Editor-in-Chief will be limiting his writing to historical, national and international topics with occasional commentary on Florida until at least the primary election. This past week he assumed a role with the George Sheldon for Attorney General Campaign as Deputy Campaign Manager and will be based in Tallahassee.  Should House Minority Leader Perry Thurston win the Democratic Primary, Krishnaiyer will return to his previous role with the website in September. If former Deputy Attorney General Sheldon wins the August 26th primary, Krishnaiyer will be limited in his role with TFS until November.

TFS  is actively soliciting more guest columns and perspectives from  activists and others  throughout the state of Florida.  We have a run a number of guest columns the past few weeks and welcome all perspectives (even those of conservatives) to offer opinion on this website. Anyone interested in contributing an opinion please contact Kartik Krishnaiyer directly via email at or email the Florida Squeeze at

Katy Burnett and Justin Snyder will continue the excellent work they have provided for this website. Going forward we also hope to add more writers.

Thank You for your continued patronage of TFS!


  1. Go Dems · ·

    Yes Kartik has already been in Tallahassee this week many of us have seen him.

    The question he will have to answer going forward is could he be more effective running this site or going after Bondi internally in a campaign. My answer is this site is more important. But he obviously made his choice. Best of luck to him and Ryan.


  2. We have high hopes for Ryan and we are very pleased he has been hired by the Graham campaign. Everybody in the party was behind him getting that job.

    As for Kartik I think we all know he was working for Sheldon all along. Now at least it is an official high-ranking capacity. Unfortunately for him beating Bondi is probably not going to happen.


  3. Best of luck to Ryan.

    Kartik picked the wrong horse in the primary. Sheldon may well be nominated but we needan Afro American on the ticket.


    1. Why exactly is that, Opie?


    2. Frayed Knot · ·

      Afro American?

      Thad Hamilton, running for Ag Commisioner against Adam Putnam is also an “Afro American.”


  4. Good to hear.


  5. […] Friday, Kartik Krishnaiyer, the editor in chief of The Florida Squeeze political website, announced that he would be posting less frequently to the blog because he is taking a position with George […]


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