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Bill Nelson and Russia: The Senator has lost his sense of what drives the Florida electorate

I’ve been watching with some amusement from half a world away, Senator Bill Nelson obsession with Russia which mirrors the types of conspiracy-laden conversations that take place on CNN panels. Nelson’s obsession this week with all things Russia while he continues to trail Governor Rick Scott in what is supposed to the a Democratic wave […]

Find Your Perfect Beach: A Tale of Poor Planning for Customary Use on 30A

  By now, you have heard people grumbling about Rick Scott signing the Private Beach Anti-Customary Use Law (HB631) this year. The new law has opened a can of worms that may take years to sort out. It has also laid bare some of the state’s most inept leaders and corrupt political missteps to finally […]

Climate change denier Governor Rick Scott certainly isn’t a scientist or meteorologist

Governor Rick Scott loves tropical weather. It gives the not-so-native Floridian who had just relocated to our state permanently in time for the 2004 and 2005 Hurricane season’s an opportunity for face time in front of a statewide audience. The rapid development of Tropical Storm Emily which hovered over the state Monday gave Scott an […]

Governor Scott isn’t a lame duck after all

Governor Scott isn’t a lame duck after all. Today the Governor reached a deal with the legislature that funds HIS priorities at a far greater rate than the legislature had approved in the regular session that ended about a month ago. As the Governor prepares his veto message related to the budget a Special Session […]

What we are reading: Governor Scott’s veto options

A full column on these issues is coming, likely this weekend but for now the Tampa Bay Times outlines Governor Scott’s options to veto either the entire budget, portions of the budget or specific bills tied to funding that have arrived at his desk.  My sense is that at this point Governor Scott cannot afford […]

Poll: Should Governor Scott veto the budget?

Governor Scott has aggressively used his “Let’s Get to Work” political committee to attack Republican lawmakers the last several weeks on spending priorities. The deal reached yesterday between the House and Senate was a compromise between an extremely ideologically-charged anti-government budget that came out of the House and a more reasonable one that came out […]

Governor Rick Scott – Born again neoliberal?

As Governor, Rick Scott barnstorms the state and its airwaves in his official capacity his political committee is busy at work creating an image of a Chief Executive who is using Government as Florida’s leading advocate. For Scott, the policy may not be different when it comes down to it but the tone and rhetoric […]

GOP torn between traditional Republicanism governing and Corcoranism

We once thought Jeb Bush was the worst thing we had ever seen. Then we met Dan Webster. But Webster seemed likable compared to Johnnie Byrd. Then Byrd seemed tame compared to Marco Rubio. Then Rubio seemed bookish and statesmanlike compared to Rick Scott. Now Rick Scott seems buffoonish and moderate compared to the hard-charging […]

Breaking down Governor Scott’s State of the State

Governor Scott enters his seventh year in office with a loosening grip on legislative agenda and a bully pulpit that he has failed to use effectively recently. He attempted to position himself today with his annual State of the State Address. However, as is often the case his rhetoric was either irresponsible or off the […]

What we are reading: Alabama ports take advantage of Florida’s narrow-mindedness

Governor Rick Scott claims he’s bringing more business to Florida. That’s a tough sell considering Florida’s GDP growth was in the bottom-half of the United States for 2016. Scott’s ideology prevented multiple Florida ports from taking advantage of the liberalization of relations with Cuba (up until last week negotiations were progressing well) and therefore falling into […]