The end is nigh for Rick Scott

For all the talk of Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, a strong argument can be made that nobody had a bigger impact on the midterms nationally, than Florida Senator Rick Scott.

In the spring, Senator Scott, the head of the Republican’s Senate campaign arm (NRSC) released his laughable, “Rescue America Plan,” and by the late summer had bankrupted the NRSC, forcing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to raise more money and use his own SuperPAC to bolster GOP fortunes – and it didn’t matter as the Democrats ran the table in competitive Senate races outside Wisconsin (which was very close) pending the Georgia runoff, where the Democrat Raphael Warnock led fell just short of 50% in a three-way race.

Democrats wisely used Scott’s plan against GOPers at key times, in key states, and despite Florida Democrats unwillingness to make Scott the issue he should have been in 2022 in his home state, national Democrats aggressively discussed his ideas.

Following this massacre, Scott is being floated by Donald Trump among others as a potential alternative to McConnell as GOP Leader, as the Republicans will remain in the minority. Scott, whose own influence in Florida has been diminished by DeSantis, a different-styled politician, is rapidly losing whatever national cred he had outside MAGA loyalist circles as well. A Scott race against McConnell would be a joke, and an opportunity for McConnell to rip Scott to pieces within the GOP Senate caucus, something he must relish doing. After all, Scott’s ineptitude helped lead to the worst midterm performance in Senate races for a party out of power in Washington, in recent memory.

Scott’s doctrinaire conservatism doesn’t have a home anymore in the DeSantis-era (faux) populist GOP, and most working class Americans have seen what Supply Side economics which squeezes the Middle Class and pushes the tax burden onto working families does. But Scott’s doubling-down on this agenda as evidenced in the spot below made him even more radioactive.

Can Scott be beaten here in Florida? Sure, if Florida Democrats run on core economic issues, but more likely than not, Scott gets reelected facing bumbling opposition.

But his national career and ambitions are over. He’s finished, even as being a major MAGA sponsor and benefactor may keep him visible.

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  1. I hope that the Democratic Party deep dive into the midterms offers something that Democratic voters can support. I do not understand less than 50% of Broward democrats voting. We have two years to build a plan. We have two years to educate our voters. Scott must go.


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