The full impact of DeSantis divisiveness now apparent as he stays silent on Ukraine

Ron DeSantis has not only divided Floridians, neighbor v neighbor, friend v friend, employee v employer and parent v teacher and school administrator but he has also effectively worked to undermine the unity of western democracies.

DeSantis COVID-oriented talking points about US allies like Australia and Canada created discord and confusion where many Floridians saw Russia and other autocracies as “freer” than Australia and Canada. DeSantis actually INTENSIFIED his attacks on Australia after President Biden consummated the critical AUKUS alliance, a strategic hedge against the very Chinese Communists, DeSantis GOPers claim to be concerned about.

On the very day Russia invaded Ukraine, Governor DeSantis committed several minutes in his CPAC presentation, not to condemning Vladimir Putin or Russia, but attacking US allies.

The Governor LOVES to wade into discussions about foreign affairs, domestic politics in foreign countries and just about any critique of President Biden when it suits his narrative or he can wind up FOX News, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, etc about it.

So why so silent on Ukraine? Why not call out Russian aggression and rally around the flag and our western allies?

A lot of Florida politicians (in both parties) have a lot to worry about as Russian oligarchs have used Florida and more specifically south Florida as a “laundromat” for Russian money through the years. However, DeSantis appears cleaner than most on that front, and is political adversary of Roger Stone whose connections the Kremlin are without dispute.

So why so tentative?

My guess is something deeper, where leading GOP figures don’t want to cheer on NATO or the US openly as they feel any “rallying around the flag” benefits President Biden and the Democrats.

It’s shameful, cynical stuff but it is what we have come to expect from our Governor.

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