As Russia invades Ukraine, DeSantis remains silent, instead attacking US allies, Australia and Canada at CPAC

Governor DeSantis believes Australia, led by a Conservative PM in Scott Morrison is an autocracy, but fails to discuss real autocracies. Australia by the way has a larger population than Florida but had suffered about 7% of the deaths (or 1/14th) from COVID that Florida has. Case counts are significantly lower as well in Australia.

Australia is a key ally in the new AUKUS alliance, a strategic hedge against China by President Biden and British PM Boris Johnson.

Canada as discussed previously on this site, is a state linked to Florida economically and culturally.

Rather than attack our enemies (because DeSantis weighs in on foreign policy ALL THE TIME, if you have not noticed, probably more than any other US Governor does) he’s attacked two allies with cultural ties to this country in his CPAC Presentation.

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The days of the GOP being for a strong western alliance and embracing liberal democracies are long over – today it’s attack Australia and ignore Hungary, Russia or Belarus.

DeSantis clip below:

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