DeSantis performative CPAC speech highlighted by immaturity and childish commentary

Ron DeSantis descent into deeply anti-intellectual and non-serious public official reached a new low point Thursday with his speech at CPAC in Orlando.

CPAC has become a deeply unserious event

Here are some select childish quotes I have picked out:

“Florida has defeated Faucism”

” Florida has rejected the biomedical security state.”

” I refused to let this state descend into some kind of Faucian dystopia.”

” The Brandon Administration”

“He (Biden aka Brandon to DeSantis) doesn’t like Florida” (I argue DeSantis in pushing a mythical view of American history that deliberately minimizes Florida’s role is actually the one who hates us, but I digress)

The speech was different than last year’s Stalinist effort, instead descending into crazy, comic book type stuff. Oh by the way, speaking of Stalin, no mention of Russia or Ukraine from DeSantis in this speech.

DeSantis speech in full if you’re interested in 20 minutes of pure gold comedy or aggravating insults (depending on your mood) :

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