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The humiliation of Matt Gaetz continues…

Eric Swalwell shows how to take down Matt Gaetz

The GOP Fight Club was predicted on Blue Amp with Cliff Schecter

We all saw how things turned ugly between Congressman Matt Gaetz and Congresman Rogers from Alabama on Friday night after the 14th Speakers vote- it was predicted earlier on Blue Amp with Cliff Schechter! By the way, we’re pleased to be running the Blue Amp videos at TFS going forward…

Matt Gaetz letter to House Architect and reflections on his power play

When I have said repeatedly I consider Matt Gaetz the second most powerful public official in Florida (behind Governor DeSantis), I usually get mocked especially by Democratic activists who call him a sex addict or something else not so flattering. Like so many other examples the last few years, I am not complimenting Gaetz whom […]

The Lincoln Project goes there RE: Matt Gaetz

Ron DeSantis must be forced to answer for Matt Gaetz’s behavior

Governor Ron DeSantis is at this point in time the most likely person to be President of the United States in January 2025. In fact, he feels as inevitable today as Richard Nixon was on June 7, 1968 or Andrew Jackson was on April 1, 1825. And DeSantis is in this position due to one […]

Narcissistic performative Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s craves attention like Congressman Matt Gaetz – both grew up in Walton County

Something must be in the water in Walton County! Walton County began flying the Confederate battle Flag over its courthouse in 1964 during the heart of the Civil Rights movement. The flag was moved and replaced by another Confederate flag (the national flag instead of the battle flag) in 2015, but the The county which […]