Matt Gaetz letter to House Architect and reflections on his power play

When I have said repeatedly I consider Matt Gaetz the second most powerful public official in Florida (behind Governor DeSantis), I usually get mocked especially by Democratic activists who call him a sex addict or something else not so flattering.

Like so many other examples the last few years, I am not complimenting Gaetz whom I loathe or ,saying I agree with him, in any fashion, but am stating the obvious reality as an analyst – Gaetz has more sway with GOP primary voters than any other person in this state outside DeSantis.

Rep-Elect Gaetz (which is what he is actually is as of this writing, he like the other 433 living members elected to the US House have not been seated, as of this writing) has led a movement that’s brought governing to a standstill in the people’s house. It’s pretty clear he’s got a faction of US House members (elect) behind him, which is no small feat. Historically, caucuses on the fringes, be it the Progressive GOP faction of the 1920’s, or the Boll Weevil Conservative Democrats of the 1980’s (led by Phil Gramm who switched parties in 1983, after the Dem wave of 1982 made his faction no longer a swing one in the House) or more recently various moderate Dem or GOP groups tend to lack leaders and cohesion to really impact proceedings except behind closed doors. They almost never successfully torpedo things on the floor.

So I have to say, I am impressed that Gaetz has held his group, a group he clearly leads together on the House floor – it’s no small feat, but it doesn’t make him less of an ass as the petty letter below indicates. It’s a remarkable thing to be so petty irrespective of what you think of Kevin McCarthy to send such a letter.


  1. Steve schneider · ·

    Does what Goetz is doing help or hurt DeSantis 2024 bid? Does it give us any national insight into Goetz buddy desantis?


    1. And clearly it’s in defiance of Trump also so it must be driven by DeSantis backers…


  2. Steve Schneider · ·

    Interesting response, Kartik. Thanks for the insight.

    So, for what it’s worth, it tells this lay observer that DeSantis and Gaetz want to steamroll over the nation’s capital should our governor be elected president in a few years. It’s our way, or the hell with you!


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