Ron DeSantis must be forced to answer for Matt Gaetz’s behavior

Governor Ron DeSantis is at this point in time the most likely person to be President of the United States in January 2025. In fact, he feels as inevitable today as Richard Nixon was on June 7, 1968 or Andrew Jackson was on April 1, 1825.

And DeSantis is in this position due to one man more than any other – Congressman Matt Gaetz.

It was Gaetz early advocacy of DeSantis when Adam Putnam was the heir apparent in the GOP primary that first got DeSantis on the minds of activists. It was Gaetz’s advocacy that got DeSantis on Donald Trump’s radar. Heck, Roger Stone was backing Putnam, like most GOPers and we know Trump doesn’t break from Stone often. It was Gaetz who made DeSantis.

Gaetz is of course currently under federal investigation for sex trafficking.

This week It was also revealed by the House January 6th Select Committee that Rep. Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis’ transition chair in 2018, asked Donald Trump to protect him from future prosecution by granting him a Presidential pardon. A former White House aide testified to the committee that Gaetz advocated for “blanket preemptive pardons” for members involved in planning the events of January 6th. 

DeSantis also seemed to suggest that Florida was prepared to send fake electors to Washington had the results in Florida turned out differently – Trump attorney John Eastman said Florida was prepared to do so and DeSantis also encouraged other states to do the same in the wake of the election. We’ve discussed DeSantis orderly coup plans previously at this site.

“Under Article 2 of the Constitution, presidential electors are done by legislatures and the schemes they create, and the framework,” he said on a nationally broadcast talk show. “I would also tell them, if you’re in those states that have Republican legislatures, like Pennsylvania and Michigan, all these places, call your state representatives and your state senators. And if there’s a departure from that, if they’re not following law, if they’re ignoring law, then they [legislatures] can provide remedies as well, so I would exhaust every option to make sure we have a fair count.” 

At the time, DeSantis added, “I would just urge everyone, donate to the President’s legal relief.”

All of this reminds us, no one has benefited more from Matt Gaetz’s political influence than Ron DeSantis. He must be made to answer for Gaetz’s controversies.

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