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The Isaias fire drill- a soft reminder the tropics are roaring this COVID_19 season

Author’s Note: While at the time of this writing Isiais is still off the Florida coast but almost all of the bad weather associated with the system is almost certain to avoid the state. In the midst of a hyper-partisan election season and the worst pandemic the US has faced in over 100 years, Hurricane […]

Trump’s consistent softness on China has left the United States weak and vulnerable

President Trump, last Tuesday held a Rose Garden press conference ostensibly about China and Hong Kong. But instead it descended into a first-rate farce, as he attacked Joe Biden for everything imaginable and talked little about China and even less about a pandemic that is raging currently having claimed over 140,000 American lives. Trump has […]

Florida’s Napoleonic Connection.

Prince Achille Murat the son of Napoleon’s brother-in-law Joachim Murat left Europe for Florida after his father was executed. He became one of Florida’s leading citizens in the territorial days after the US acquired Florida from Spain. In this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss Murat’s life. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast […]

#COVID-19: The American crisis of reason, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity

Thomas Paine in 1776 and 1777 wrote “The American Crisis,” which stated “these are the times that try men’s souls.” These are indeed the times that try the souls of every human being with a conscience and critical thinking skills on American soil. Coronavirus is the defining crisis and issue of our lifetimes. It is […]

Alaska Airlines ramping up Florida service

Alaska Airlines is adding several new routes from the West Coast to Florida this winter. The Seattle-based airline is adding new nonstops service from Los Angeles to Tampa and Fort Myers. Additionally, Alaska is beginning new nonstops linking Fort Lauderdale with both San Diego and Portland, Oregon. All flights begin November 20. Alaska Airlines already […]

Florida’s Covid crisis – The politicking is getting us nowhere

As regular readers of this site know, I’ve diverted from our normal political and historical content of late to focus most of my time on #COVID19. For many of us, our perspectives have changed during this pandemic. The absence of American global leadership, and the unwillingness of many of our elected and appointed leaders to […]

Florida Politics in 1968

With all the comparisons between 2020 and 1968, on this weeks Florida History Podcast we look back at Florida politics in 1968. It was a year that defined modern America with its civil disobedience, racially-charged politics and of course The Vietnam War raging. Florida had a major role in the Presidential Campaign with the Republican […]

Florida on the 4th: The Gulf Coast Campaign of the American Revolution

Spain officially entered the war on May 8, 1779 as an ally of the United States and France. The Governor of Spanish Louisiana, Bernardo de Gálvez. On August 27, 1779, Spanish forces set out to capture Baton Rouge.  Fort Bute On September 7, 1779, Spanish forces overwhelmed a small British garrison protecting Fort Bute, giving […]

#COVID-19 : Professional contact team sports returns in Florida- timing could not be worse

For anyone not predisposed to believe Governor DeSantis & President Trump’s spin on Coronavirus, it has been obvious since the first week of June that Florida was entering very dangerous territory. However, unfortunately we have learned in the past few weeks, too many Americans live in an alternate reality, be it out of blissful ignorance […]

Florida on the 4th: Attempted American invasions of British East Florida

Writers note: This is part two of a three part series on TFS to commemorate the Fourth of July discussing Florida and the American Revolution.  As I continue research for my forthcoming book, Albion Florida, I am uncovering more interesting history of Florida in the Revolutionary War- a history that has been largely under-told through […]