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TFS Radio #8 – Florida Senate Race, Presidential Polling, Adam Putnam, Legislative Session and Fracking

TFS’ Brook Hines and Katy Burnett discuss the new FAU poll which yielded some interesting numbers on both the Democratic and Republican side. The TFS gang also talk Adam Putnam’s Gubernatorial chances, Hillary Clinton’s continued fall in the polls and its similarity with 2008 as well  the latest from Tallahassee and legislative session. Fracking is […]

Alan Grayson consistently leads Patrick Murphy in statewide polling

Florida Atlantic University released a new statewide poll conducted by the College of Business showing that Rep. Alan Grayson holds a convincing 7-point lead over New Dem primary challenger Patrick Murphy. When I first heard these poll numbers on Nicole Sandler’s “Radio Or Not” show* today it was one of those blink twice and check if you […]

TFS Radio 6 – Syrian Refugees, US as a State Sponsor of Terrorism #BlackLivesMatter, CD-13 Primary and more

This week, the TFS Radio Podcast  was taped earlier on Tuesday night, and we are released it at around midnight Wednesday AM. You can listen any time at this link. Among the topics discussed are: Why the US has a moral obligation to accept Syrian refugees thanks to US policies that destabilized the Assad regime […]

Guest Column: Alan Grayson lets down his supporters with desperate moves

By Sean Phillippi Rep. Alan Grayson surprised many by recently coming out to support Sec. Hillary Clinton for President over Sen. Bernie Sanders. Personally, I am an unabashed supporter of Sec. Clinton. She should, and probably will, become our 45th President. That being said, it is clear that Rep. Grayson’s endorsement of Sec. Clinton is a […]

TFS Radio Episode 3 – Jeb Bush and FDP Convention Review

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed Jeb Bush’s sinking Presidential campaign as well as the full weekend of activity at the Florida Democratic Party convention on TFS Radio Episode 3. Check it out the archived broadcast here.   TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen […]

Florida’s Dem leaders just aren’t that into us

In two weeks, the Republican Party of Florida will hold their state convention, and 12 of their 15 Presidential candidates will be attending. This weekend, the unfortunately under-loved Democratic State Convention came and went, and you were lucky if you got a selfie with Alan Grayson. That’s not intended to throw shade on The Notorious […]

DeSantis Joining Rubio in Dangerous Foreign Policy views

Congressman Ron DeSantis is already a favorite of the right wing and Tea Party conservatives in Florida. Today he took it a step further by echoing the sentiments of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio on American foreign policy and the Iran deal in a letter to state government leaders. DeSantis who is seeking Rubio’s seat […]

Is a gender gap developing in the Democratic Primary for US Senate?

It has not been much discussed but as the summer has worn on the public polling in the US Senate race has indicated clearly that Patrick Murphy does better among females not only head-to-head with Alan Grayson in a hypothetical Democratic Primary but also when matched up against Republicans in a General Election.  I will […]

Poll: US Senate Democratic nomination

In April we asked our readers about who they preferred for the US Senate nomination among announced and potential Democratic candidates. We are doing the same again now, five months later.  In April, Alan Grayson got 73% support from our readers with 21% going to Patrick Murphy. The rest went to Pam Keith and “undecided.” […]

Patrick Murphy deserves praise for courageous decision on Iran

Monday afternoon was littered for me with discussion of the lawsuit my former employer the North American Soccer League (NASL) has contemplated filing against our governing body US Soccer which it accuses of being in collusion with Major League Soccer (MLS). So an important event slipped by me. Congressman Patrick Murphy, the front-runner for the […]