TFS Radio 6 – Syrian Refugees, US as a State Sponsor of Terrorism #BlackLivesMatter, CD-13 Primary and more

flsqueezeThis week, the TFS Radio Podcast  was taped earlier on Tuesday night, and we are released it at around midnight Wednesday AM. You can listen any time at this link.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • Why the US has a moral obligation to accept Syrian refugees thanks to US policies that destabilized the Assad regime and created an environment for the rise of ISIS and rebel factions that oppress Christians and non-religious Muslims in the country. Patrick Murphy and Gwen Graham’s votes to reject refugees.
  • How US policies in the Middle East under BOTH the Bush and Obama Administrations not only enabled the rise of ISIS but policy towards Syria and Assad has put the United States in tacit ALLIANCE WITH ISIS
  • Russia and Iran are fighting ISIS in Syria. The United States is not. Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayote and other Neocons have advocated a policy that essentially aligns the US with ISIS in Syria, after advocating an invasion of Iraq that created the rise of ISIS.
  • Is the United States actually a State Sponsor of Terrorism at the local level thanks to police brutality and racial profiling? The #blacklivesmatter movement has exposed this as potentially true depending on your perspective.
  • A discussion of the Congressional District 13 Democratic primary between Charlie Crist and Eric Lynn.
  • Why Democrats always obsesses about avoiding competitive primaries?
  • Are progressives too passive in letting establishment Democrats slide through the primary process?



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One comment

  1. I listened to the beginning and cannot believe how radicalized Kartik is. Blaming AIPAC for American policy and saying Lindsey Graham has out us in alliance with ISIL.

    That’s total madness. Had Obama followed Graham’s suggestion and backed the rebels initially they never would have been infiltrated by ISIS.

    I am a democrat who like you feels we aren’t calling out radical Islam enough. But now to suggest alliances with Iran and attack AIPAC in addition to claiming we are helping ISIS is simply mad.


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