DeSantis Joining Rubio in Dangerous Foreign Policy views

Ron_DeSantis,_Official_Portrait,_113th_CongressCongressman Ron DeSantis is already a favorite of the right wing and Tea Party conservatives in Florida. Today he took it a step further by echoing the sentiments of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio on American foreign policy and the Iran deal in a letter to state government leaders.

DeSantis who is seeking Rubio’s seat said of the Iran deal and the State of Florida’s desire to buck national policy by creating its own independent, ideological and highly-politicized foreign policy:

“The Obama-Kerry deal with Iran is dangerous for America’s national security but it is not binding law, State-based sanctions such as those enacted in Florida cannot be overridden by this executive agreement and therefore serve a critical role in protecting the security of the American people. I commend Florida and other states that have enacted these policies.”

Views like this that essentially seek to see state governments create a differing foreign policy from the Administration is a dangerous precedent in our society. Historically politics stopped at water’s edge and the efforts of administrations be they Republican or Democratic were respected by leaders and state governments throughout the nation.

But today’s Florida Republicans who have had unchecked power in the state for almost two decades feel it is fair game to create a differing policy based on political considerations, ideological talking points and hatred for the Commander-in-chief. DeSantis continues this trend, and for someone who has such a strong chance of being elected to the US Senate, it is something that all Floridians and all Americans should be concerned about.

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