TFS Radio EP 2 – Bear Hunts, Why is the FDP Convention at Disney, What is the purpose of the FDP Convention, Jeb Bush and much more

flsqueeze5Listen to Episode 2 of the TFS Radio program where Kartik Krishnaiyer and Brook Hines discuss:

  • This past weekend’s Bear Hunt
  • The hunting culture among Florida politicians
  • Why many activists are skipping the FDP Convention at Disney
  • Why does the FDP keep holding conferences at Disney?
  • Is the FDP Convention just a junket for party elites with a sense of entitlement?
  • Why doesn’t the FDP have a straw poll or platform statement worked on at the convention?
  • Jeb Bush on Social Security and Medicare

TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen to the show on your computer, on your phone via the Rabble app or now even via your mobile browser. Join the conversation by registering at Rabble.TV  and listen to the program here. 

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  1. […] recent discussion around hunting in State Parks which dovetails with the gruesome Bear Hunts of  last month, put into context how out of touch with this state’s citizens the leadership in […]


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