Alan Grayson invokes Bernie Sanders in solicitation email

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.03.45 PMIronic since Grayson has formally endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Who says Grayson isn’t a typical politician following the wind?  Text below:

This campaign is going to be one for the political science textbooks. Any political consultant in Washington will tell you that if you want to run for office and win, you have to sell out to big corporations and the billionaire class. They’ll tell you that it’s the only way you can raise the money you need to reach voters.

We don’t do that. And we still lead in the polls. But how?

For those of you keeping score at home, the answer is YOU.

Yes, you. I’m the only Member of Congress who raises the majority of his House campaign funds from donations under $200. The only one. Bernie Sanders is the only one in the Senate, so if Bernie is elected President and leaves the Senate this year, then I’ll be the only one in the Senate next year. (Or you’ll get to see the Sanders-Grayson tag team in the Senate, which would be a blast.)

Join our movement by becoming a “Grayson Sustainer,” and pledging to give $20.16 to our campaign monthly to sustain this revolution.

OR, you can make a recurring donation for different amounts here:


  1. Bernie supporters will vote for you Alan Grayson when you endorse the Bern over Hillary.


  2. Roy Trachtenberg · · Reply

    Just goes to show you that Alan Grayson cannot be trusted. Vote for Patrick Murphy who can be trusted. Patrick Murphy is a winner – he defeated Allan West, tea party Republican. He’s honest and doesn’t “blow in the wind” like Alan Grayson


    1. Murphy is a big business insider and corporate tool just like Hillary. Vote for Bernie.


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