Monthly Archives: August 2015

Is Ashton’s Ashley Madison problem the result of frat boy vengeance?

Over the weekend State Attorney Jeff Ashton called a bizarre press conference to answer allegations by self-described “political operative” Jacob Engels at the East Orlando Post, that he maintained an account with the now-infamous Ashley Madison spouse-cheating website.  The presser looked slap-dash and just plain sad, and can be found here. Predictably everyone has been focusing […]

Can Democrats learn some populist economic messaging from Donald Trump?

While many establishment Democrats have tried to avoid antagonizing Wall Street Donald Trump despite his bufoonish commentary on immigration is making some interesting points on economics. This weekend Trump sounded the alarm about something I have been talking about for ten years solid, the ability to go after the managers of hedge funds. From my […]

Personal Privilege Blog : Open letter to NASL fans setting the record straight

We try and keep this blog topical but since it is a forum for me to post something long form about an important personal matter and rumors that have been circulating virtually unchecked on social media for days now, I am going to take that liberty. The last several days rumors have circulated on social […]

House Democrats and Redistricting Special Session

The Democrats in the Florida House had an interesting week in Special Session. While Republicans wasted taxpayer money fighting over petty spoils and beating up on the Supreme Court, House Democrats attempted from at least a public relations to rise above this pettiness that after all comes from being in power without any sort of […]

Can Florida Democrats REALLY take advantage of the GOP redistricting debacle?

The Florida Democratic Party sent out a press release this morning following the breakdown of the Legislature’s Special Session. It was sharply worded and would make perfect sense if history wasn’t so contradictory to what was said. Since 1999, the Republicans running the legislature have made a mockery of the process and have governed with […]

Flashback Friday: First British siege of Pensacola ends

On this day in 1707, the first siege of Pensacola was lifted. The town was destroyed by the British and the Crown’s Creek Indian allies but Spanish rule persisted due to the defense of Fort San Carlos de Austria . This was part of the hostilities associated with Queen Anne’s War.  We discussed the siege of St […]

Politics dominating Iran discussion – Historical precedents ominous

The discussion around the Iran nuclear agreement made by the Obama Administration as a result of the PS + 1 talks has been wholly political.  Of course the sort of illogical rhetoric grounded in talking points from special interest groups is to be expected from Florida’s Junior Senator and Presidential aspirant Marco Rubio, but it’s […]