Flashback Friday: First British siege of Pensacola ends

200px-PensacolaFortSanCarlosDeAustria1699On this day in 1707, the first siege of Pensacola was lifted. The town was destroyed by the British and the Crown’s Creek Indian allies but Spanish rule persisted due to the defense of Fort San Carlos de Austria . This was part of the hostilities associated with Queen Anne’s War.  We discussed the siege of St Augustine in April 2013 when the British came dangerously close to taking East Florida. However the siege was lifted and  Spanish control of East Florida was maintained.  The British tried twice to seize Pensacola but the first siege was beat back on this day in 1707, and the second siege was lifted in December 1707.


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  1. Weston Dad · ·

    Maybe you did not notice the person making the allegation had to apologize within an hour because they found out the NASL didn’t seal the documents until after Kartik somehow had them. A question can be asked how he found them and even knew this lawsuit had been filed? How he was able to download the documents in the 48 hours or so before the docs were sealed? Those are legit questions. Ethical ones. But not legal ones. For those not aware, these documents were highly incriminating toward NASL in the ongoing FIFA scandal. He knew where to look as a former NASL employee and found the docs but he didn’t steal them. That has now been clarified. Still I would love his explanation for how he knew about the lawsuit to begin with. That he needs to answer. The ethics of someone going from one side of the desk to the other need to be answered. If you worked for a company you shouldn’t be assigned to cover it after you leave. Your coverage was flattering of NASL almost as if you still worked for them. Then you flipped to critic suddenly when the scandal broke and has been driving that train since. Kartik, you have over 4,000 twitter followers and what you say matters. You have been reckless in the last few months since this scandal broke to try and hang things on Traffic and NASL. Your tweets then get retweeted by important media figures and YOUR ACTIONS HAVE PROBABLY COST THE NASL MONEY AND AN EXPANSION FEE OR TWO. At the same time you have written less and less here which is too bad. Go back to doing what you are doing instead of collecting twitter followers with sensational attempts at fawning scandal with your former employer and Sepp Blatter. You are not going to jail but aren’t smelling like a rose either.


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