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What we are reading: Budget talks collapse

No surprise but still confirmation from the Tampa Bay Times/ Miami Herald that budget talks between the House and Senate have indeed collapsed.  The budget impasse means a Special Session or the extension of session is almost now a certainty and with the ideologically driven House Speaker Richard Corcoran giving no quarter to what he perceives […]

Florida’s greyhound gambit is decoupled from reality

Greyhound racing in toto is every bit as cruel as dog fighting. Underperforming dogs are killed, animals die while racing—three per day in Florida—and many perish from inhumane living conditions, overbreeding and injuries obtained on the track. Female racers are pumped full of anabolic steroids to interrupt their estrus cycle, and goose performance. A female who is a good racer […]

What we are reading: Ms. Book goes to Tallahassee, sees no conflict voting $ for Lauren’s Kids or dad’s clients

Much speculation has surrounded Lauren Book’s advancement to the State Senate representing a Broward County-based district. The lack of opposition, the prospects for conflicts-of-interest, etc, etc. Florida Bulldog has a full report on how Senator Book is thus far approaching potential conflicts involving her or her super-lobbyist father. We’ll reserve our editorial commentary and encourage […]

Former Rep. Dwayne Taylor indicted for fraud

Former Rep. Dwayne Taylor (D-Daytona Beach) who just left office last year has been charged with nine counts of wire fraud.  Taylor who made a bid for the post of Democratic Leader after the 2014 election after being pushed by business interests, political consultants, lobbyists and other establishment forces was defeated thanks to the strong voice […]

Breaking down Governor Scott’s State of the State

Governor Scott enters his seventh year in office with a loosening grip on legislative agenda and a bully pulpit that he has failed to use effectively recently. He attempted to position himself today with his annual State of the State Address. However, as is often the case his rhetoric was either irresponsible or off the […]

Flashback: Editorial on gambling in Florida

With gaming once again on the front burner as legislative session began today, it’s critical Floridians understand the ramifications of any sort of expansion of gambling in the state. Some of the players have changed but the issues remain largely the same – thus we are rerunning an editorial which was published on the opening […]

What we are reading: Florida’s New Legislative Leaders Talk Issues, Personalities

Excellent feature from the AP’s Brendan Farrington.  Many Democrats who haven’t dealt with the nuts and bolts of the legislature since the party fell out of power 20 years ago often forget that the legislature is defined by the personalities of its leaders as much as by partisan Republican considerations. This was the reality in the […]

March 7, 2000: Session kicks off with March on Tallahassee

Legislative session beginning on March 7 reminds me of 2000 – when as a staffer I had to get to the Capitol before 7 am as did everyone else working in the building because of a massive justified protest – that by Floridians against Governor Jeb Bush’s attempts to gut civil rights protections for African […]

Greyhound racing has run its course | PART ONE

Despite the fact that almost everyone knows greyhound racing is archaic and inhumane, this Monday, national morning cable show “Fox and Friends” will promote the old-style live gambling performance by featuring Janice Dean, “The Weather Machine,” a racing greyhound named after their on-air meteorologist. The racer will be flown from the Palm Beach Kennel Club to appear […]

What we are reading: Shark-fin trade in Florida targeted in senate bill

From The Orlando Sentinel, Senator Travis Hutson (R-Elkon) is filling a bill to cut down on the trade and possession of shark fins in Florida. As someone who avoids any restaurant or merchant that partakes in this trade, I applaud this legislation.