Special Session is a giveaway to the insurance industry; Democrats somewhat surprisingly offer a good alternative

The GOP legislation flying through this week’s Special Session includes:

  • a $1 billion taxpayer-funded bailout program for insurance companies,
  • shorter deadlines for homeowners to file claims,
  • eliminated requirements that insurance companies cover attorney fees of policyholders who successfully file lawsuits over claims
  • reduced ability for homeowners to sue insurance companies.

It’s pretty stunning that given the insurance crisis in the state that disproportionately impacts the same working class voters that propelled Governor DeSantis landslide reelection, that the GOP continues to be controlled by the donor class and the insurance industry.

In the wake of Hurricane’s Ian and Nicole, homeowner’s insurance rates are expected to increase by as much as 40% throughout the state, a devastating price hike on Floridians who are already paying more than three times the national average for premiums and have seen their bills balloon by 112.8% by 112.8% since Ron DeSantis took office in 2019. This comes in addition to the deepening rent crisis Florida residents who lease apartments are facing.

Since the Insurance Commissioner stopped being an elected office in 2002, we have seen a spike in costs for homeowners and agency capture by the industry. House Democrats filed legislation that would actually help homeowners in the state, with Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell putting forward a bill that would:

  • make the Insurance Commissioner an elected position once again to increase accountability for Floridians
  • require rate reductions when property insurance reforms are enacted
  • create a new Property Insurance Commission to oversee the work of the Office of Insurance Regulation
  • level fines against insurance companies who falsely report fraud.

Florida Democrats have not always provided solutions when critiquing the GOP but in this case, the biggest crisis Florida faces, they absolutely have.


  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    Once again, by using words like socialist, Pelosi, and groomer, Republicans have convinced working Floridians to vote against their own self-interest. The resulting Super-Majority in the legislature has now proposed a bill that further penalizes working Floridians in their pocketbooks and gives insurance companies, (who are already siphoning off funds to their “parent” companies), MORE money and fewer reasons to pay credible claims. FOR SHAME!!!


  2. Nobody else is picking up on this outrage up here. I think the primary outlets just reprint whatever press releases they receive from the Legislative leadership/Governor’s office.


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