Introducing the Broward Squeeze


During the course of the past several months we have editorialized on this website about the importance of local elections and a renewed focus on local government for progressives. In that spirit, TFS will be launching a series of locally oriented sites beginning May 1st.

The Broward Squeeze will launch later this week and will compliment the good work of other blogs and websites that cover the Broward County political scene. The focus of this site will be evaluate/handicap local races and keep an eye on elected officials.

During the summer we are also looking to launch The Tampa Bay Squeeze and the Central Florida Squeeze to cover those areas of the state. Again, a focus on local races (including legislative races) and local government will be a major component of those projects.

The content from these regional sites will appear on The Florida Squeeze homepage as well as on a separate permanent page within this website. Look for the launch of The Broward Squeeze on May 1, and for more regional/local sites and content as the summer comes.



  1. Miami-Dade County needs some Squeezing too.


  2. Ron Baldwin · ·

    For the Tampa Bay area you might consider separate squeezes for Hillsborough County and Pinellas County.There are huge differences between those counties. One example is the huge gerrymander on the Pinellas County Commission elections. There are three positions voted county wide and four positions voted on a district basis. There are about the same number of Democratic voters as Republican voters in Pinellas. One County Commission district has a plurality of 40,000 more Democratic voters than Republicans. Typically that means Republicans are quite likely to win three districts and only one district will have a Democratic Commissioner.

    The last election had a contentious issue about flouride in the water suppy, and for the first time in many years the COunty Commission has a 4 to 3 majority of Democrats vs Republicans. That plurality will not last long.


  3. Great intro hope people do it.


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