Scott Maddox announces political plans

As we first reported two weeks ago, three-time statewide candidate Scott Maddox was strongly considering a bid for Leon County Superintendent of Schools. Today, Maddox a current Tallahassee City Commissioner, who was previously the city’s first elected Mayor formally announced his plans to run in 2016 for Leon County Superintendent of Schools

Video below of Maddox’s announcement.


  1. Richard Thomas · ·

    You might also note that Maddox ran for state Ag Commissioner in 2010 and Attorney General before that.


    1. And of course Governor in 2006 before dropping out.


  2. The Observer · ·

    Wexler connection aside, it’s too bad he never took off on a state wide level. Always found him to be a truly nice person with the ability to think forward.


  3. Sad for Tallahassee that they keeping allowing this man to feed at the public trough. Has he ever been a teacher or any kind of faculty or staff in education? Superintendent positions should not be elected-and he is exactly the reason why.


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