The Florida Squeeze launches Bookstore

Today, The Florida Squeeze proudly announces that we are launching a “bookstore” on our site where we will provide links to items which we recommend. Today, we are listing seven books about Florida Political History and Government which we recommend, four of which have been reviewed previously on this website. In the coming weeks and months we will continue to provide links to books we recommend or review. UPDATE: we have added several books to the Florida Political Books and US History/National Politics sections. 

In the interest of full disclosure beginning today, TFS will receive a small percentage of each item sold by Amazon via links from this site.  Additionally, we are announcing that in 2014 we will not accept candidate advertising on the website as it may undermine the perception of objectivity we strive to maintain about the issues and campaigns we cover. Since we will be endorsing candidates in 2014 we will not accept advertising from campaigns.

Also, you may have noticed in the last few days we have added the ability to share posts via social media networks beyond just Twitter and Facebook as well as adding print and email functionality to each post. This will make sharing our content much easier for you, our valued readers.

Thank you for your patronage in 2013 and we will continue to build this site to bring you the best political commentary and analysis next year.


  1. Can you post my book? Based in Florida.

    Also Killing Mr. Watson is an awesome book on Florida history

    StevenKurlander, Esq. Attorney & Communications Strategist 390 Broadway, #5, Monticello, New York, 12701 Phone: (845) 796-8948 – Twitter @Kurlykomments


    1. Yeah Steven, will get those up in the next few days. Just wanted to launch today for obvious reasons but tomorrow/Xmas day I’ll be adding a bunch to it including your book.


  2. This is proving to be the site for eggheads. Other blogs discuss scandals and gossip. You guys try and proselytize . I don’t like either approach quite frankly. How about a political news site? Only Saint Petersblog gets it right.

    Most people aren’t eggheads. Sorry but it’s true.


    1. All SaintPetersblog does is take the Florida News Service reports, adds his own words and then releases them. If he wants something more “unique”, he asks others if he can republish their work. And, when it comes to hard-hitting news, you have to pay-to-play. That blog is crap, but he makes it look “pretty” so it must be good!


  3. I think it is a GREAT thing, this idea. Suggestion though. When you add new books to the bookstore post an article so we know. Most of us who get the emails don’t regularly check the site unless the email tickles our fancy. Great selection on the site now. I may but that Buddy MacKay book. He was running for Governor just as I was getting involved.


  4. I wonder if this bookstore will only stick leftist and Chiles/Graham/Askew loving propaganda books written by “objective” “journalists” like Dyckman, Date and co. Maybe even Graham’s hit job on Cheney and our freedom fighters will be recommended by this leftist site.


    1. Stop reading this site you racist a hole. Kartik ignore this troll.


  5. While I appreciate the sentiment of launching your bookstore with books about Florida political legends the reality is that most Democrats want to read books by the personalities of today the MSNBC hosts and the other media and punditry personalities you should add those to your bookstore. The people we look up to and the people whose opinions we respect are mostly on MSNBC.


    1. True, most people are simple minded. They can only read books that reinforce the opinions that they already hold, which is really futile.


  6. Mark Lynn · ·


    Two books that I would recommend adding to your list are:

    “The Golden Years … The Florida Legislature, 70’s and 80’s … Refelections on Campaigns and Public Service” by ex-State Rep. & State Sen. Robert “Bob” McKnight (D-Miami)

    “Then Sings My Soul: The Scott Kelly Story” by Dorothy W. Similjanic, a very good biography of ex-State Sen. & two-time gubernatorial candidate Scott Kelly (D-Lakeland).

    I enjoyed both books as would any student of Florida politics & history. Both available on Amazon.


    1. McKnight’s book is great! Thanks for reminding me about it. I hadn’t seen the Kelly book but will place that in the store as well! Thanks for ideas!


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