Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida – “Florida Democrats Deserve a Choice”

Statewide Demos Sample FinalEditors Note: Our friend Susan Smith has penned a letter of a vital nature that deserves the attention of every single progressive in this state. An effort since the November election has been made by many in the Democratic Party to blame progressives for the party’s defeat. As we have argued before here at TFS, we believe the party’s failure to truly embrace progressive principles is what led to electoral disaster. Tomorrow, TFS Editor-in-Chief Kartik Krishnaiyer will have some detailed thoughts which echo the sentiments in the below letter which we ask everyone to read and really think about logically. 
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida President Susan Smith has released the following letter to caucus members and supporters. 
Florida Democrats Deserve a Choice


Dear Caucus Members and Supporters:Florida Democrats deserve a real choice in 2016. We can let Washington insiders determine our U.S. Senate candidate or we can build a grassroots movement to nominate a strong progressive with a record of fighting for the issues and the values that we hold dear.

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida should lead the way in supporting a candidate with a bold record of fighting for our issues and values.

We need a champion who believes in fairness and genuine opportunity. Someone who supports working families while protecting the most vulnerable among us. Someone who understands that security means being strong internationally and safe at home.

Progressives are often accused of having a litmus test for candidates. If having a litmus test means that we expect a Democratic candidate to support policies that benefit the 99% and not just greedy CEOs who have rigged the game, then we are guilty. If it means opposing trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership that benefit multinational corporations at the expense of working families, then we are guilty.

If it means that we want a candidate with a history of fighting for the rights of women to make their own healthcare decisions, to be paid equally for equal work, and to live free from violence, then we are guilty.

If it means that our candidate must be on the frontlines in the battles to give legal status to young Dreamers, and to protect voting rights for African Americans, and marriage rights for the LGBT community, then we are guilty.

Our litmus test would also require that a Democratic champion have a record of fighting for alternative energy sources. U.S. foreign policy should not be held hostage to Middle East oil dependency, and Big Oil should not determine our environmental protections at home. Our champion will make the safety of Florida’s precious land and water resources a top priority.

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads. We can no longer nominate “Anybody But” candidates. We must fight for leadership and representation that is bold and inspiring. The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is ready to engage in finding and promoting that candidate. Who will be our champion? Please tell us your choice for the 2016 Democratic U.S. Senatorial candidate by emailing us
Thank you.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Susan Smith
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida


  1. Ron Baldwin · ·

    Alan Grayson for US Senate.


  2. My last choice would be Murphy. I think we go balls to the wall and vote for Grayson. He is great domestically and for a hardcore left he gets foreign policy…


  3. Grayson certainly fits the description!


  4. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from the Nan Rich vs. Charlie Crist ‘primary?’ Progressives don’t control the Democratic Party in Florida.


    1. The lesson some of us learned is that the moderate “Anybody But” candidate lost.


  5. Patti Lynn · ·

    I am not a politician, or a political guru, so, I do not understand the philosophy, “Yes, that candidate fits ALL of the requirements of a Progressive candidate, but she/he can never be elected statewide.” When WE, as Progressives, have a candidate, isn’t it up to US to show the rest of the state what a great choice she/he would be????????


  6. If you want to defeat a far right, Koch ass kissing T-Party Regressive, you need to fight fire with fire. You need a strong progressive that will kick ass and show the electorate the difference between the greedy bastards and We the People .Alan Grayson can and will defeat Rubio and lead us to becoming a True Blue state.


  7. Karen Landers · ·

    Only Rep. Alan Grayson can take on the stupid.


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