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Democratic debate: bring the noise

It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Democratic activists and voters need to prioritize eliminating non-hackers who do not pack the gear to make it through the long hard slog to become the next President of the United States.   The first candidate who should be eliminated is the most obvious – Beto […]

Identity politics IS modern global politics – A brief historical overview of how & why we got here

At this website we’ve railed time and again against what we see as the shallow game of identity politics. It’s a game that allows those advocating it to avoid meaningful discussion of issues related to policy and governance. It’s a game that pits race against race, ethnicity against ethnicity and religion against religion. However, it […]

Florida’s shifting Democratic because of minority voters! Not really…

We’ve heard virtually ad nauseum for years that Florida is shifting perhaps irrevocably toward the Democrats because of the increase in the Hispanic and foreign-born population. While the upward shifts in Democratic vote can be observed in some core urban areas (Miami-Dade County went from 52% Democratic in the two-party vote for President to 65% between […]

Democrats in Broward failing the eye test at “grassroots” efforts

This Labor Day Weekend political leaders from around Broward County gathered at the annual labor ball. While organized labor is supposed to represent the common working women and men, the labor ball seems to represent each and every year a political shindig that only elites and those connected to powerful interests, usually within the Democratic […]

Democrats in Florida, being “progressive,” access and cash

Many Democrats in Florida like to believe they are on the right side of the issues. Public polling and basic compassion confirms that in fact the Democrats are right on the issues and that a majority of Floridians are ready to support Democrats that act like electorate would expect them to. With this in mind, […]

Why Democratic activists do not trust Florida’s Democratic Party leaders

Less than 24 hours after losing with an incumbent in one of the most visible positions in the state, Florida’s Democratic Party leadership is again taking it on the chin from armchair pundits across the state. While many FDP backers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to downplay the party’s failures and throw stones at […]

Born again liberal Alvin Brown and the hypocrisy of the Democratic establishment

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has shifted his campaign rhetoric sharply to the left in recent days following four years of centrist governing and sinking poll numbers. Brown’s opponent former RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry has taken advantage of the incumbent Mayors unease with the Democratic base to race ahead in polling ahead of the May 19th […]

The Broward Squeeze: Dan Daley’s Party Switch

24 year-old Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley switched his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in April, completing the turnaround of a City Commission that was 4-1 Republican last October to 4-1 Democratic. The young, clever and ambitious Daley has made a calculated decision after aligning with Tea Party Republicans to pursue higher office […]

How progressive is Patrick Murphy?

Partisanship and ideology are two different things. Some Democratic operatives have made an effort to identify Congressman Patrick Murphy who is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 US Senate race as a progressive. Others including the Democratic Progressive Caucus feel Murphy is too far to the right on the ideological spectrum. The evidence […]

It is time for Florida Democrats to be true progressives – explaining why “moderates” control much of the party

April fools jokes about Jeb Bush aside, we at TFS pride ourselves on being a voice for true liberalism within the ranks of Florida Democrats. We have been struck here by the insistence by many insiders that the party’s messaging become more moderate. During the last four months, many leading Democrats in Florida have openly talked […]