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Democrats understanding the working class – an increasingly losing battle?

The Democratic Party I grew up in was all about the legacy of the New Deal. Coming of political age around condo commandos in south Florida, I’d hear stories about FDR, Truman, Robert Wagner, Tip O’Neill, Hubert Humphrey, about organizing, protests, strikes, labor movements, when John Lindsay ran as a third party liberal and beat […]

Have Your Say: What exactly caused the Democrats debacle?

After yet another electoral debacle, the Democrats insular firing squad has turned on one another. Moderate/neoliberals blaming progressives and vise versa. Elites and the chattering class taking to social media in order to demonize anyone who voted Republican as a “racist,” while others blame the White House for a stalled legislative agenda and question Joe […]

TFS + – Defeating DeSantis will require message discipline: It’s COVID stupid!

The Democrats sole chance of knocking off demagogic Statist Governor Ron DeSantis will likely be related to how they can define the Governor’s culpability on Florida’s terrible record on COVID-19. Continue reading at TFS+ .

Florida Democrats, Cuba and Haiti: Different standards

Once again Florida’s Democrats find themselves so fearful of the term “socialism” that they are pandering when they discuss policy. Maybe it’s because of the oxygen media in the state gives this term despite feigning sympathy with the mis-characterization (Ron DeSantis, whose ideology is one of Statist authoritarianism is hardly ever characterized as anything but […]

Fried’s financial disclosure snafu- it is a big deal if you are looking at a broader picture

Financial disclosure forms, a legacy of the progressive good government Florida of yesteryear are sometimes very difficult to navigate. However, large errors like the one Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried previously made and amended right before she jumped into the Governor’s race, give fodder to political opponents even if they are largely innocuous mistakes. My opinion […]

Democratic debate: bring the noise

It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Democratic activists and voters need to prioritize eliminating non-hackers who do not pack the gear to make it through the long hard slog to become the next President of the United States.   The first candidate who should be eliminated is the most obvious – Beto […]

Identity politics IS modern global politics – A brief historical overview of how & why we got here

At this website we’ve railed time and again against what we see as the shallow game of identity politics. It’s a game that allows those advocating it to avoid meaningful discussion of issues related to policy and governance. It’s a game that pits race against race, ethnicity against ethnicity and religion against religion. However, it […]

Florida’s shifting Democratic because of minority voters! Not really…

We’ve heard virtually ad nauseum for years that Florida is shifting perhaps irrevocably toward the Democrats because of the increase in the Hispanic and foreign-born population. While the upward shifts in Democratic vote can be observed in some core urban areas (Miami-Dade County went from 52% Democratic in the two-party vote for President to 65% between […]

Democrats in Broward failing the eye test at “grassroots” efforts

This Labor Day Weekend political leaders from around Broward County gathered at the annual labor ball. While organized labor is supposed to represent the common working women and men, the labor ball seems to represent each and every year a political shindig that only elites and those connected to powerful interests, usually within the Democratic […]

Democrats in Florida, being “progressive,” access and cash

Many Democrats in Florida like to believe they are on the right side of the issues. Public polling and basic compassion confirms that in fact the Democrats are right on the issues and that a majority of Floridians are ready to support Democrats that act like electorate would expect them to. With this in mind, […]