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The Broward Squeeze: Dan Daley’s Party Switch

24 year-old Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley switched his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in April, completing the turnaround of a City Commission that was 4-1 Republican last October to 4-1 Democratic. The young, clever and ambitious Daley has made a calculated decision after aligning with Tea Party Republicans to pursue higher office […]

How progressive is Patrick Murphy?

Partisanship and ideology are two different things. Some Democratic operatives have made an effort to identify Congressman Patrick Murphy who is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 US Senate race as a progressive. Others including the Democratic Progressive Caucus feel Murphy is too far to the right on the ideological spectrum. The evidence […]

It is time for Florida Democrats to be true progressives – explaining why “moderates” control much of the party

April fools jokes about Jeb Bush aside, we at TFS pride ourselves on being a voice for true liberalism within the ranks of Florida Democrats. We have been struck here by the insistence by many insiders that the party’s messaging become more moderate. During the last four months, many leading Democrats in Florida have openly talked […]

LEAD Task Force update

Word has leaked through various channels that the much talked about and largely maligned LEAD Task Force will issue a report in early April. On the surface this would be encouraging although as my colleague Katy Burnett likes to point out, even early April gives the Republicans a five month head start for the 2016 […]

Do the concerns about Patrick Murphy add up?

Many in the progressive community are talking about Congressman Patrick Murphy’s potential US Senate campaign as a problematic one. Murphy’s voting record is controversial to many on the left – though perhaps it shouldn’t be. After all Murphy represents one of Florida’s wealthiest districts, one where both Mitt Romney and Rick Scott carried a plurality […]

Some words on the start of session, recent legislative history and where progressive energy should be focused

I have been going to Tallahassee or following legislative sessions for 20 years. I plan to be in the capital city at some point this session though I cannot say I am overly enthusiastic about it. The one thing I can positively say is that Tallahassee has really grown up since I was first driving […]

A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session: Democratic Players

Session overview here Legislative session kicks off tomorrow in Tallahassee and the Democrats have six less members of the House than last session and continue with 14 Senators. The Republicans have basically maxed out on potential seats (TFS estimates 83 as the maximum number of House seats the Republicans can win under this current map […]