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LEAD Task Force update

Word has leaked through various channels that the much talked about and largely maligned LEAD Task Force will issue a report in early April. On the surface this would be encouraging although as my colleague Katy Burnett likes to point out, even early April gives the Republicans a five month head start for the 2016 […]

Do the concerns about Patrick Murphy add up?

Many in the progressive community are talking about Congressman Patrick Murphy’s potential US Senate campaign as a problematic one. Murphy’s voting record is controversial to many on the left – though perhaps it shouldn’t be. After all Murphy represents one of Florida’s wealthiest districts, one where both Mitt Romney and Rick Scott carried a plurality […]

Some words on the start of session, recent legislative history and where progressive energy should be focused

I have been going to Tallahassee or following legislative sessions for 20 years. I plan to be in the capital city at some point this session though I cannot say I am overly enthusiastic about it. The one thing I can positively say is that Tallahassee has really grown up since I was first driving […]

A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session: Democratic Players

Session overview here Legislative session kicks off tomorrow in Tallahassee and the Democrats have six less members of the House than last session and continue with 14 Senators. The Republicans have basically maxed out on potential seats (TFS estimates 83 as the maximum number of House seats the Republicans can win under this current map […]

2016, Florida Democrats and the myth of moderate candidates performing well

Much has been made in the last three months of the need for Democrats in Florida to “engage moderate voters,” in the wake of poor electoral performances in 2014. No question exists that moderates have a role to play, particularly in rural areas where the party has seen a complete collapse in support since the […]

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida – “Florida Democrats Deserve a Choice”

Editors Note: Our friend Susan Smith has penned a letter of a vital nature that deserves the attention of every single progressive in this state. An effort since the November election has been made by many in the Democratic Party to blame progressives for the party’s defeat. As we have argued before here at TFS, […]

Monday Musings: Future of Florida Summit, Two decades of political evolution and activism for Kartik, Online voter registration, The FDP in 2015

Editor’s Note:  Apologies about the late musings this week. Katy had her Future of Florida Summit to wrap-up and Kartik had significant soccer-related work to complete today. Next week we aim to publish the musings at our normal hour.  While I know many at the Squeeze have noticed my lack of writing, I have been hard at work […]

The FDP, party reform and the future — Overview of this week’s TFS series

In the last few weeks as I have been making my way around the state, the discussion has intensified about rules reform and The Florida Democratic Party. During the next week, here at TFS we will look at the potential for significant rules reform within the Florida Democratic Party, and why differing perspectives exist within […]

Monday Musings: Rep Artiles explanation, FDP Vice Chairs, Jacksonville Armada debut, the FDP and African American women

  Rep. Frank Artiles (R-Miami) is rightly feeling the heat for his ill-advised preemption legislation which was interpreted as an intention to discriminate against transgender citizens of Florida. Many Republicans have quickly abandoned Artiles leaving him desperate to backpedal publicly. Rep. Artiles has claimed in a bizarre Facebook post that his legislation is aimed at sexual deviants, […]

Should Broward Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceaser consider a run for Supervisor of Elections?

In 2014, the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office was again the epicenter of controversy and ineptitude during the election cycle.  The elections office was a model of inefficiency in how ballots were decimated, candidate qualifying was handled and elections were conducted. The current SOE, Dr. Brenda Snipes has failed to work effectively with the County […]