The Broward Squeeze: Dan Daley’s Party Switch

Print24 year-old Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley switched his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in April, completing the turnaround of a City Commission that was 4-1 Republican last October to 4-1 Democratic. The young, clever and ambitious Daley has made a calculated decision after aligning with Tea Party Republicans to pursue higher office as a Democrat. Daley’s political savvy has impressed many around the city, as has his willingness to shift alliances on the fly.

Possibilities for Daley include House District 97 when Rep. Jared Moskowitz moves on (in either 2018 or 2020), The County Commission or even a quixotic run for State Senate in District 29.

Daley is popular in Coral Springs having defeated Dr. Mark Gendal, a favorite of local Democratic insiders in 2012 and then escaped opposition in the competitive 2014 city elections, thus winning a four year term.

Daley will be termed in 2020 and will likely have a State House or County Commission seat to pursue at that time.  Former Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook is said to be interested in running for office again and could come up against Daley in a primary. Daley seems a better bet to win a Democratic Primary than Brook despite his recent party switch for various reasons.

First off, Brook has made many enemies around Coral Springs, and Daley appears to be politically savvy and willing to make the right alliances necessary for political success. Secondly, as a young officeholder Daley is likely to attract new fans and having shifted to the Democratic Party early enough in his career,

Daley’s votes on the Coral Springs Commission and his political ambitions bear close watching.


  1. old guy on the bench · · Reply

    I don’t know Mr Daley. I live way up north here in the B’urg. Buttt givin all the fun and games that’s been going on in Tally I suspect that we could be seeing a lot folks flipping. This could be something that takes place statewide. The question becomes how will the Mr. Daley’s be received by long term bench sitters?


  2. Denise Richards · · Reply

    I find it ironic that you trashed Crist as a phony Dem when he ran for Governor and now you compliment Daly’s Crist like maneuvering when you say;

    “The young, clever and ambitious Daley has made a calculated decision after aligning with Tea Party Republicans to pursue higher office as a Democrat. Daley’s political savvy has impressed many around the city, as has his willingness to shift alliances on the fly.”

    How is this guy just the next Charlie “flip flop” Crist?


    1. I am saying Daley is politically savvy. Do I trust the guy? No! In fact Crist was never trashed as a phony Dem here, just pointed out his record. I supported him for Governor and admitted he is the one Republican I had voted for previously (AG in 2002).


  3. A nobody by the name of Dan Daley switches parties and this is news? A lowly city commissioner of Irish descent switches parties and this is national news worthy of the Twitter account of the DNC Chair?

    And Dan Daley certainly isn’t the smartest guy on the planet if he has just discovered how the Republican Party feels about abortion and gay marriage. He says that he is leaving the Republican Party and joining the Democratic Party because of the Republican stand on abortion and gay marriage. But what the 24-year-old Dan Daley needs to understand is that these two issues have been contentious issues for Democrats and Republicans since he was in diapers.

    But this is not about diapers. It is about panties.

    The political argument he wants to sell us, his reason for switching parties, does not make sense at all. Simply because abortion and gays are not new issues for the two major parties.

    Switching parties is a traumatic event in any young man’s life. And my guess is that this young man from Florida suffered a traumatic experience. As a Floridian practicing Republican politics, he surely thought that he can get his way with Florida’s Attorney General. But if his advances were rejected outright by the Republican Pam Bondi, that is a trauma worthy of abandoning the Republican Party.

    And the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also represents Florida’s 23rd District in the House, welcomes him to the Democratic Party with open arms. She has determined that when the nationally acclaimed and internationally renowned Dan Daley becomes a Democrat that this is news of sufficient importance to her Twitter followers. And her followers are many. She has 296,000.

    But the DNC Chair needs to put her reputation above all else. Dan Daley is from her home state of Florida. She doesn’t need the gossip. She doesn’t need people to start thinking that maybe she is giving him what Pam Bondi wasn’t willing to give him.

    That would certainly be a good reason for him to switch. Although it is unlikely that the DNC Chair spreads her legs for Catholics. Or for anyone outside her faith.


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