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4K video – Cypress Hammock Boardwalk

The first addition to our new TFS video series is a quick five minute 4K walk through the Cypress Hammock Boardwalk in Coral Springs. The boardwalk/nature trail connects two separate parks, the natural Orchard Pond Park and the recreational Cypress Hammock Park. When combined with Cypress Park which is on the other side of Coral […]

Farewell Mayor Campbell – A true giant who stood above a polarized Florida

Perhaps it’s an omen for me as to where politics is and why now is the best time to get out, for the second time in two months I have lost a political mentor. Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell, one of the true giants of politics and the legal profession in south Florida passed on […]

The Broward Squeeze: Handicapping State Senate District 29

One of the features of the new Broward Squeeze (as well as our other soon-to-be launched regional sites) is handicapping local races. With today’s launch of the Broward Squeeze we are going to look at the open State Senate District 29 Democratic Primary in 2016. The seat is being vacated in 2016 by Senator Jeremy […]

The Broward Squeeze: Dan Daley’s Party Switch

24 year-old Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley switched his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in April, completing the turnaround of a City Commission that was 4-1 Republican last October to 4-1 Democratic. The young, clever and ambitious Daley has made a calculated decision after aligning with Tea Party Republicans to pursue higher office […]


Letter to the Editor which also appeared in Coral Springs Talk.com from leading civic activist David Hullett   CORAL SPRINGS CITIZENS NOT ASKING FOR A “DOWNTOWN” AND CAN’T VOTE ON IT!   In the headline of her article in the Sunday October 26th Sun-Sentinel, reporter Lisa Huriash says  “DOWNTOWN GAINING TRACTION”. She forgot to mention that […]

Non-Partisan local elections giving Democrats cover in playing with conservatives

Non-partisan elections often give transactional Democrats the cover they need to support Republicans and business interests at a local level. The nature of local elections makes it easy for some Democrats to claim that they are wonderful partisan progressives while playing ball with the interests that hurt working people in their own backyards. Since we […]

Coral Springs Mayor’s race centering around expensive contributor driven city hall project

On Sunday, a very revealing column ran in Coral Springs Talk regarding the $28 million downtown city complex. Commissioner Tom Powers’ campaign for Mayor is all about city hall.    No one in the city is arguing that Coral Springs does not need a new city hall, including his opponent Former State Senator Skip Campbell. Coral […]

Former Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold makes local endorsements

Coral Springs’s current leadership  which has resembled in many ways the captains of the Titanic are being challenged in three City Commission races on November 4th. As we have discussed time and again on this site, the leadership of the city has become both ideologically conservative and incredibly arrogant as well as wasteful in their […]

Coral Springs City Hall, wasteful spending and school safety at the heart of Mayor’s Race

Coral Springs Commissioner Tom Powers who is seeking to ascend to the Mayor’s post in the November 4th election has recently been on the defensive about the proposed new City Hall project as well as other issues. Coral Springs was long considered one of the state’s leading cities. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s it was […]

TFS Endorsements: Broward county & municipal races/questions

COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 4- KEN KEECHEL Former Commissioner Keechel deserves to be returned to the Commission in place of the ideological Chip LaMarca, the board’s lone Republican. COUNTY QUESTIONS YES on QUESTIONS 1 and 2   Question 1 is a no-brainer as it would reauthorize the Childrens Services Council. Question 2 will prove more difficult […]