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Should Broward Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceaser consider a run for Supervisor of Elections?

In 2014, the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office was again the epicenter of controversy and ineptitude during the election cycle.  The elections office was a model of inefficiency in how ballots were decimated, candidate qualifying was handled and elections were conducted. The current SOE, Dr. Brenda Snipes has failed to work effectively with the County […]

Florida Democrats at a Crossroads: Term limits , legislators, party building and office shopping

The advent of term limits helped to change the culture of state legislators in 1990’s. Previously many regardless of ideology worked hard to build a party that competed in elections and had a few guiding principles but was largely a big tent operation. Term limits being implemented coincided with the collapse of the Democratic Party […]

President Obama, Florida Democrats, Political Operatives and “Moderation”

In the last few weeks I have had some interesting and borderline maniacal conversations with people regarding the future of the Democratic Party in terms of messaging and policy. An almost universal consensus has developed among insiders, particularly those who are involved on the consulting end that the path forward involves moderating the Democratic message […]

Florida Democrats at a crossroads – Broward County and the FDP

Democrats from Broward County like to believe they are the ones that matter most – the ones that win the state for Democrats. While Broward provided the margin of victory for Lawton Chiles in 1994 and President Obama in 2012 while also essentially winning the state for Al Gore in 2000 (Miami-Dade can be blamed […]

Party controversies fading as Democrats move forward following Pafford victory

While traveling overseas I have been reading with some amusement the analysis of a few people regarding the House Democrats situation and the internal controversies at the Florida Democratic Party. The problem is many of these issues have been manufactured as an effort continues to undermine the move forward being attempted currently by Democratic leaders. […]

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin speaks on FDP changes

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is a recognized statewide leader in the Democratic Party has penned this letter with regards to recent FDP changes. TFS is honored to run this letter from someone who has been a great supporter of this site and of progressive causes throughout the state of Florida.  In the […]

Guest Column: Making LEAD Really Work

Editors Note: Nick Steffens a prominent Broward politico has penned this piece for TFS. Following Election 2014 we invite all our readers to submit thoughts about where the Democratic Party goes from here. These guest columns do NOT need to conform to TFS’ editorial views to be published. We are looking to stimulate discussion and […]

Should Democrats abandon our values in light of election debacle? Some party leaders seem to think so

Post-election some Democratic Party insiders and FDP officials are talking openly about the failed 2014 effort as due to an overemphasis on progressive policies and turning out urban areas of the state. Make no mistake about it – candidate recruitment for 2014 was a massive failure for the party. But the solution of some party […]

Poll: FDP political direction

For the last several days many people around the Democratic Party in Florida have focused specifically on the role of Christian Ulvert the party’s Political Director in the 2014 debacle. Ulvert also serves as a consultant of some influence on other efforts particularly in Miami-Dade County. Our writers and readers have varying opinions on this […]

Orange County primary turnout increases thanks to local efforts

We spilled lots of proverbial ink on Orange County’s Vote Local effort including guest columns by Stephanie Porta and Debbie Simmons . The effort culminated with a remarkable increase in early and absentee turnout for the August 26th elections. Overall turnout increased by over 33%, while turnout among Democrats increased by 63%. This owes itself not […]