TFS Podcast returns Tuesday: Soliciting feedback and questions

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-46-15-pmBrook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will record a new edition of the TFS Podcast on Tuesday, our first pod since February.

Among the topics up for discussion:

  • Wikileaks and the left.
  • Murphy vs Rubio.
  • What happened to Alan Grayson in the primary?
  • Trump vs Clinton in Florida.
  • Crist vs Jolly – could the Democrats be in for a disaster in Pinellas County?
  • Listener/reader questions.

Please leave listener questions and feedback in the comments section or tweet @Fl_Political_Sq .



  1. Andrew Bell · ·

    This may not be timely now, but I would like to hear about the upcoming Constitutional Revision Commission. Perhaps a brief history about what has happened in previous CRCs as well as what issues we are likely to see in the upcoming one.


  2. I have some comments and questions about the FL13 race, which is one of the ones I have been following the most. Maybe you can address this on the podcast when you talk about Crist v. Jolly or maybe you can answer in the blog post if that takes away from what you are talking about?

    Did you read this article today about Crist and Jolly….

    Also did you look at the internals of the polls at…

    Click to access StPetePolls_2016_CD13_October23_O94F.pdf

    Some things I found striking (and I realize it is a landline only poll so it probably knocks some off of Crist and Clinton, but StPetePolls seems to do a decent job covering Tampa Bay area races). First, Crist and Clinton are tied and Jolly is under-performing Trump. I always thought Clinton would over-perform Crist and Jolly would over-perform Trump, however according to this poll that is not true at the moment. Second, Crist has higher favorable rating and Jolly is now upside down in his ratings plus still relatively unknown in the district?

    My questions for you are: do the undecideds tend to break Jolly especially if there is a history of voting for Crist in the district? Is it even possible for Jolly to come back in this negative Republican year with Democrats leading in Pinellas VBM/early vote right now? How does he do it with no money? Does the People for Pinellas superpac make a late play with the Chamber? Does NRCC make a late gambit back into it, or have they figured out the district is too Democratic, especially with a candidate the NRCC doesn’t even like?


  3. JOE KREPS · ·

    Alina Valdes is taking it to the streets in CD 25. Mario Diaz Balart is starting to sweat.


  4. I feel so cold even though I’m under the blankets. But, I just took off my clothes, so…


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