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Marco Rubio – an unusually skilled master of deceit

Floridians were treated to a US Senate debate on Monday night that featured a skilled performer.  Our state’s Junior Senator, Marco Rubio’s efforts at spin and diversion remain as strong as ever. Those who tuned in to the debate were treated to masterful entertainment as Rubio, a professional performer who borders on being a sociopath […]

Marco Rubio’s dog whistle politics – is Florida’s Junior Senator Donald Trump’s political heir?

  A common narrative that has emerged that Donald Trump serves as the ideological heir rhetorically to the likes of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan in pushing buttons using racial code to garner voters. But Florida’s Junior Senator who is anxious to be nominated by the GOP for President in the future and has been […]

Marco Rubio – putting himself above American interests

Much has been made the last few days of Marco Rubio’s unwillingness to fully repudiate Donald Trump. That’s largely because Rubio’s political calculation is such – if he can keep the disaffected Trump voters in his column for the post-Trump world, he can be the GOP nominee for President in 2020 or 2024. But this […]

Progressive Caucus endorsements for General Election

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) has released their 2016 General Election endorsements for candidates and amendments. According to the DPCF statement: The following progressive Democrats have demonstrated through their votes, position statements and/or political engagement that whether they serve in Washington, Tallahassee or their local community, they will fight for progressive values and put […]

Emirates beginning Fort Lauderdale service – A big bang felt around the industry?

Few international airlines serve as many destinations as Dubai-based Emirates Airline whose route map is littered with dots from all corners of the globe. On Tuesday, the airline announced it would add daily nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai with connections to just about any locale around the globe. While rumors have been floating […]

Marco Rubio’s Miami allies: Cronyism, corruption and racism

Marco Rubio is a product of the rough and tumble and often less than ethical world of Miami/Dade County politics. The prodigal son of this world, great pains were taken throughout the last decade to reduce Rubio’s rising star from exposure to the embarrassing transgressions of his closest local political allies. It’s no small wonder […]

Marco Rubio- Florida’s very own unilateralist, McCarthyite Senator: An “intellectual” Donald Trump

Marco Rubio hitched his wagon to the neoconservative caravan years and years ago. Now Rubio having broken his promise to Republican voters not to seek reelection to the United States Senate stands on the brink of being returned to the Senate. The Democratic Party has become complicit in enabling Rubio’s return to prominence so we here […]

Born-again Floridian Marco Rubio playing cynical political games and reemerging as a political force

Friday afternoon as Daytona Beach began cleaning up from Hurricane Matthew’s impact, Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio was surveying the damage and doing what cynical pols do- acting as if he had some empathy for the victims of the storm. But the reaction to Matthew was part of the Rubio reboot – a politician whose […]

Florida hurricanes, the Bush family and Presidential politics

Every twelve years it now seems tropical weather becomes inextricably linked with presidential politics in Florida. For whatever reason, 1992, 2004 and 2016 are all years where major storm events have impacted Florida. Given Donald Trump’s loose and dirty mouth it appears he is not poised to take advantage of the perception that Governor Rick […]

National media rises to the occasion during Matthew

Through the years I have often noted that the reaction of the national press to Superstorm Sandy was different than many had to Hurricane Katrina or other storms that have hit Florida or the Gulf Coast. It seems in the past, for many in the media if storms don’t hit the northeast corridor stretching from […]