Marco Rubio – putting himself above American interests

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Much has been made the last few days of Marco Rubio’s unwillingness to fully repudiate Donald Trump. That’s largely because Rubio’s political calculation is such – if he can keep the disaffected Trump voters in his column for the post-Trump world, he can be the GOP nominee for President in 2020 or 2024. But this doesn’t surprise seasoned observers. Florida’s Junior Senator is a selfish chameleon whose game is manipulating the media and enough voters into believing he’s some sort of  thoughtful intellectual titan.

Rubio is willing to do just about anything for the sake of political expediency. Florida’s Junior Senator is nothing but a pre-programmed robotic individual who at least outwardly seems to lack the critical thinking skills to be successful in any line of work outside politics. He has been programmed to put himself over what is best for this country. Politics never stops at water’s edge for Marco Rubio.

Though Rubio himself politicizes everything and doesn’t allow politics to stop at water’s edge, he’s been willing to take shots at the Commander-in-Chief for allegedly doing the same thing.

“It’s now abundantly clear: Barack Obama has deliberately weakened America,”

“He has made an intentional effort to humble us back to size,” the GOP presidential hopeful said. “As if to say: we no longer need to be so powerful because our power has done more harm than good.

“Happiest of all have been America’s enemies,”  “[It is] because when America steps back, it gives darker forces the space they need to rise. And rise they have.”

When running for President earlier this year, Rubio made these comments in New Hampshire. In one fell swoop he accused the sitting President of sedition while projecting, because it is HE, MARCO RUBIO who has consistently put political and ideological consideration over the best interests of our American nation. 

Since election to the Senate in 2010, Rubio has put his own ideological or personal considerations with regards to Cuba and Iran over national security. He has taken the side of foreign governments that seek to influence American policy rather than either backing American policy or giving constructive, non-politicized critiques of this administration. He has not adhered to the policy of stopping  critiques at water’s edge. If anything, Rubio has given aid and comfort to our enemies with his politicized attacks against President Obama, which have served to weaken American diplomatic leverage at critical times – such as Secretary Kerry’s historic nuclear deal with Iran and President Obama’s one-in-a lifetime breakthrough with the Cuban government in late 2014.

If Rubio had been a Senator during World War II, he would have accused the Roosevelt Administration of weak prosecution of the war, would have demanded an American invasion of Western Europe earlier and likely would have been a vicious critic of General Eisenhower’s brilliant mixing of diplomacy and political considerations with military strategy. I can point to several instances in the war where Eisenhower’s handling of matters rankled right-wingers in the military, but those leaders like George S. Patton didn’t have a political mouthpiece back home willing to articulate their concerns. No question that Rubio would have sided with General Douglas MacArthur insubordination of President Truman during the Korean War.

Marco Rubio isn’t a team player for Florida or the United States of America. He’s not interested in American safety and security. This is after all a man who even used his purchase of a handgun to justify his politically motivated view that America has been left unsafe by the current President. He then linked his views on foreign policy to an increasingly marginalized position in domestic policy – once again for ideological reasons. 

Since Senator Rubio has proven time and again he cannot make independent judgements about foreign policy without strong political or ideological considerations, how can he be trusted to keep our nation safe? The simple answer is that he cannot. It’s time for Florida voters to send him packing.


  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    He’s acting as a younger Charlie Crist might, no???


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