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Progressive Caucus endorsements for General Election

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) has released their 2016 General Election endorsements for candidates and amendments. According to the DPCF statement: The following progressive Democrats have demonstrated through their votes, position statements and/or political engagement that whether they serve in Washington, Tallahassee or their local community, they will fight for progressive values and put […]

National Women’s Political Caucus August 30 Endorsements

Our friends at the National Political Women’s Caucus of Florida have made recommendations for the August 30th primary. August 30, 2016 Endorsements and Recommendations US Senate Pam Keith US Congress District 9: Susannah Randolph District 26: Annette Taddeo State Senator District 13: Linda Stewart District 15: Vic Torres, Jr. 2 District 19: Betty Reed District […]

Progressive choices for primary day

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida announced their endorsed candidates for 2016. In an email releasing the names of their choices the caucus said, “The way we move the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction is to get the more progressive candidates into the November General Election.” The DPCF also recommends a “yes” vote on Amendment 4. […]