National Women’s Political Caucus August 30 Endorsements

Our friends at the National Political Women’s Caucus of Florida have made recommendations for the August 30th primary.

August 30, 2016
Endorsements and Recommendations

US Senate

Pam Keith

US Congress

District 9: Susannah Randolph

District 26: Annette Taddeo

State Senator

District 13: Linda Stewart

District 15: Vic Torres, Jr. 2

District 19: Betty Reed

District 29: Mindy Koch

District 31: Jeff Clemens 1,2

District 34: Gwyn Clarke-Reed

District 38: Michael Gongora 2

Florida House

District 14: Leslie Jean-Bart

District 47: Beth Tuura

District 48: Amy Mercado

District 59: Rena Frazier

District 61: Dianne Hart or Sean Shaw 2

District 68: Eric Lynn2

District 70: Dan Fiorini 2

District 86: Tinu Pena

District 88: Al Jacquet 2

District 91: Kelly Skidmore

District 92: Paulette Armstead

District 93: Ken Keechl 2

District 108: Francesca Menes

District 114: Daisy Baez

District 107: Barbara Watson 1

Broward County Commission

District 1: Nan Rich

Broward County Court

Group 3: Rhoda Sokoloff

Group 7: Brenda Di Ioia

Group 8: Kathleen McCarthy

Group 13: Betsy Benson

Group 14: Alfreda Coward

Group 21: Russell Thompson 2

Broward Circuit Court

Group 9: Andrea Ruth Gundersen or   Maxine Streeter

Group 15: Abbe Rifkin

Group 23: Judge Barbara McCarthy 1

Group 24: Doreen Inkeles

Broward Schools

District 2: Patti Good 1

District 5: Nathalie Lynch-Walsh

District 9: Robin Bartleman 1

Broward County State Attorney

Teresa Williams

Broward County Clerk of Courts

Elizabeth McHugh

Palm Beach County Court

Group 7: Judge Marni Bryson 1

Group 15: Esther “Ettie” Feistmann

Palm Beach Circuit Court

Group 1: Judge Dina Keever 1

Palm Beach County Commission

District 3: Dave Kerner 2

District 5: Mary Lou Berger 1

District 7: Priscilla Taylor 1

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser

Dorothy Jacks


2-Recommend Candidates – Our bylaws do not allow us to endorse, only recommend, male candidates.


  1. JOE KREPS · ·

    DWS gets what she deserves. NADA, ZILCH, BUPKIS.


  2. Mark Lynn · ·

    Glad to see The Squeeze back!! Some very interesting races coming up next week. Here are my picks for the best qualified candidates in the major races:

    U.S. Senate: Patrick Murphy
    CD-2: Walter Dartland
    CD-5: Al Lawson
    CD-6: Dwayne Taylor
    CD-9: Darren Soto
    CD-10: Val Demings
    CD-18: Randy Perkins
    CD-23: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    CD-24: Frederica Wilson
    CD-26: Annette Taddeo
    CD-27: Frank Perez
    FL Sen-11: Bob Sindler
    FL Sen-13: Mike Clelland
    FL Sen-15: Victor Torres
    FL Sen-19: Ed Narain
    FL Sen-29: Kevin Rader
    FL Sen-30: Michael Steinger
    FL Sen-31: Jeff Clemens
    FL Sen-34: Gary Farmer
    FL Sen-38: Michael Gongora
    FL Sen-40: Dwight Bullard**
    FL House-9: Loranne Ausley
    FL House-43: John Cortes
    FL House-47: Beth Tuura
    FL House-68: Ben Diamond
    FL House-86: Matt Willhite
    FL House-87: David Silvers
    FL House-91: Kelly Skidmore
    FL House-93: Ken Keechel
    FL House-112: Nicholas Duran
    FL House-114: Daisy Baez
    FL House-115: Doc Solomon**
    FL House-120: Dan Horton
    Miami-Dade Mayor: Raquel Regalado** (Non-partisan)

    **Not enthusiastic in support, but less objectionable than opponent/s.

    This will be a solid ticket, headed by Hillary, for Florida Democrats in November!


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