President Biden comes through for the Everglades with funding for critical Palm Beach County reservoir

President Joe Biden has committed $265 million of federal funding toward construction of a long-awaited and needed reservoir in Palm Beach County. The reservoir will be a critical component to Everglades restoration of the Everglades.

The enormous planned reservoir is designed to reduce discharges of polluted water into Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean and send clean water south through the Everglades. It is worth noting that Governor DeSantis had chastised the administration and Democrats for not funding the project and was likely to use the issue in his reelection campaign. Biden’s action effectively takes the issue off-the-table for now.

The irony is, that despite DeSantis anger about the Democrats not funding the project, much of the funding is coming from an infrastructure law that all the Florida GOPers voted again. Under South Florida’s current water control system, originally designed to dry out land for cities and farms, much of that water gets discharged into the bay, gulf and ocean waters, where it has fueled algae blooms and cattail infestations that have killed fish, fouled beaches and driven away tourists.

Meanwhile, the vast wetlands of the Everglades, deprived of the historic flow of water south from the lake, have suffered from a lack of moisture.

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