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Everglades after the May brush fires

Two different looks at the Everglades after the early May brush fires.

President Biden comes through for the Everglades with funding for critical Palm Beach County reservoir

President Joe Biden has committed $265 million of federal funding toward construction of a long-awaited and needed reservoir in Palm Beach County. The reservoir will be a critical component to Everglades restoration of the Everglades. The enormous planned reservoir is designed to reduce discharges of polluted water into Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and […]

The Times (of London): Don’t look down: flight over Everglades shows scale of climate destruction

I don’t love posting things completely behind a paywall but The Times had a really compelling article about the Everglades and Climate Change this past week. It’s even more compelling when you consider the general conservative bent of the newspaper.

New TFS video series: Florida natural areas

We’re starting a new series at TFS where we will film natural areas from across the state and upload the videos to our YouTube page. The videos will be HD quality or in some cases (shorter videos) in 4K and without narration. As I travel the state in my new role as the Executive Director […]

Podcast: Michael Grunwald on the Big Cypress Jetport and environmental awakenings in Florida politics

It’s our privilege this week on The Florida History Podcast, to be joined by Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp and current writer for Politico Magazine. In this episode we discuss the political fight over the building of the Jetport and how it awakened environmentalism in Florida. This is the first of two holiday season […]

Hidden Florida: Gulf Coast Visitors Center and Everglades City

When people think of Everglades National Park they think of Flamingo, the boardwalk close to Florida City or Shark Valley. Often forgotten is the Gulf Visitor Center and Everglades (City) in Collier County on the other side on the peninsula. Iconic locales like Ted Smallwood’s Store make this gaunt well worthwhile.  The below photos were […]

Hidden Florida: The Atlantic Trailhead

The recently opened Atlantic Trailhead at the west end of the interchange between SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) and Atlantic Boulevard in Coral Springs is walking distance from my residence. The trailhead allows access to both the Conservation Levee Trail which runs along the Sawgrass Expressway and the Conservation Area Trail that cuts through the center of […]

Everglades National Park is today’s Wikipedia featured article.

Check it out today on Wikipedia!  

Movie Review: Wind Across the Everglades (1958)

Turner Classic Movies recently showed the 1958 movie, Wind Across the Everglades , a story of the Audubon Society and bird hunting in the early 1900’s. Bird hunting was a staple of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as the use of feathers for women’s hats was the fashion of the day. Poaching was a […]

What we are reading: Is Florida moving too slow to save the Everglades?

From Florida Trend comes a summary of a national report.  The report makes it clear that impediments have placed on restoration efforts. Quoting from the report: Timely authorization, adequate funding levels, and creative policy and implementation strategies are needed to achieve restoration benefits and to expedite implementation of the Central Everglades Planning Project.  Climate change and […]