Podcast: Michael Grunwald on the Big Cypress Jetport and environmental awakenings in Florida politics

It’s our privilege this week on The Florida History Podcast, to be joined by Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp and current writer for Politico Magazine. In this episode we discuss the political fight over the building of the Jetport and how it awakened environmentalism in Florida. This is the first of two holiday season podcasts where we will be joined by Mr. Grunwald.

From the National Park Service

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  1. patrickjfowlerfla@comcast.net · ·


    Florida Democratic Socialists of America members have made some inroads in some local Democratic organizations. I have not seen any reports on this. Is it being purposely ignored, is the press just not aware of it, or is it just seen as being of no consequence?

    Pat Fowler


    1. I think it is a case of most media not paying attention to elections at the DEC level.


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