What *%$# is Marco Rubio doing?

As my Twitter feed indicates, while slamming other Florida Republicans recently, I’ve been pretty soft on Marco Rubio because I think, unlike the rest of the party of DeSantis and Trump here in Florida, he’s been strong in condemning Russia and Putin (we will try to have more on the party of DeSantis’ Russian love in the near future here at TFS).

Rubio’s fatal flaw has been for the last few years, his willingness to impulsively tweet stupid or illogical things, often times, making a spectacle of himself.

But this is much worse, today’s tweet, pictured below might actually serve to give the Russian’s a clear indication of where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is at this moment. Rubio didn’t intend any malice by it, but it could end up being the most irresponsible action he’s ever taken, and that’s saying quite a lot.

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  1. It seems like he’s been leaking material from classified briefings to make headlines. If a Democrat did this, Rubio, Cruz and company would label him a traitor. Rubio is addicted to attention since he clearly lacks the patience or intellectual discipline to be a representative of substance.

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