Marco Rubio’s sorry history on Reproductive Rights

As a member of the Florida Legislature culminating in his time as Speaker of the House (2006-2008), Marco Rubio viciously opposed reproductive freedom and supported multiple efforts to chip away at those rights in Florida. Since becoming a US Senator, Rubio’s rhetoric has become more acidic on these issues.

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Senator Rubio has called Roe v. Wade a “catastrophe” and promised to support Supreme Court justices who would vote to reverse it. 
Here are some links to direct comments by Rubio regarding Reproductive Freedom and court cases related to it.
September, 2021: Rubio defends Texas’ abortion law and argues against Roe v. Wade
December, 2015: Rubio says Roe v Wade “is not settled law” and “until we can get a Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade, we do everything possible…to confront it” 
August, 2015: Rubio says he “never” supported rape and incest exceptions in abortion bans 
April, 2015: Rubio says he “personally” doesn’t believe in exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman
March, 2012: “If you do not believe that Roe versus Wade should be overturned, you are not pro-life” 
February, 2012: “Roe versus Wade is bad constitutional law. Irrespective of how you feel about the issue, it is bad law”


  1. Nancy Argenziano · ·

    What a shame. Marco , when first came to the Florida Legislature had a conscience. Then he found the pay to play system and he realized that lies, cheating, hypocrisy and going along with even bad issues, gets power and lots of money. I am very ashamed of him. I remember how he was when he first was elected. The process makes it easy for those needing money and power to use the system for their own benefit and many voters fall for the hollow hypocritical words of these who serve themselves way too easily. It used to be hypocrisy was not t all tolerated. Val Demmings shall get my support and money. I was a lifelong Republican, no longer do I recognize any sign of real Republicans, just crooks, liars, traitors, insanity theories and thieves.

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  2. Nancy Argenziano · ·

    Imagine the government compelling, mandating pregnancy? Way too much government in my personal life.

    What’s next folks?

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  3. Nancy A · ·

    In a effort for the republicans to stoke their Religious right wing base they must now, that they got three more Supreme Court Justices, to add the other two GW Bush appointed, they must follow through with overturning Roe, even if they really don’t want to because they lose that voting base if they do not.

    That tells me that they must have another radical issue that they will go to to keep that religious base and their contributions. So is it marriage equality? Mandating we all follow their religion? No contraception?

    Who can believe a bunch of proven liars? Oh wait, the gullible “red meat” lovers, who must be kept stoked up and apparently can’t decide where and when it’s too much government in their lives.

    Five of the nine Justices were appointed by Presidents who did not obtain the majority vote. And those appointees make decisions, political decisions, that are affecting the majority who did not want these mandates in the first place.

    Minority rule? Is this what we want? Makes that Filibuster change evermore critical to get.

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